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0 In every human created is an endowment of innate capabilities and talents which are expressed in our interests and personality traits. Where properly harnessed and channelled in the right jobs, creative or technological enterprise, the result is not only in the emergence of high fliers but solution providers who would bring a change to society, provide solution to critical societal problems as well as enjoy internal fulfilment. A generation who would not break ranks into another’s domain because of attractive perks in that field but stay in their domain for the singular but yet important reason of fulfilling purpose according to design. Liberty Career Academy was established with the mandate of helping people irrespective of age, ethnic, denominational or demographic differences discover their core essence and guide them in expressing it via the right career/purpose for which they were created. LCA is also involved in the training, equipping, empowering and raising of a generation who would engage in productive careers and sound enterprise. We believe that human existence and labour should be beyond the generic need of earning only a living but to fulfil purpose. This is contained in the core essence which every individual is equipped with. At LCA, we not only help you with the discovery but also, the correct application.

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Price for viagra All Believers Career and Business Retreat is one of such arms of LCA that is involved in training: THE PULPIT, BELIEVER AND MARKET PLACE.

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Binary options cash back uk regulation This programme which adopts a Catch Them Young (CTY) methodology is targeted at teenagers and adolescents within the secondary/high school age bracket.

go here We believe that the early identification, correct and guided training of young individuals increases their chances of pursuing the right careers.

click here The academy organizes career discovery seminars and allied programmes in conjunction with interested schools to help provide instruction and directive to the students before they make the choice of which career to pursue. Free counselling from members of our faculty is also provided during and after the seminars with mentorship opportunities available as well.

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Binary options us stocks news trading The targets for this level are individuals who are in tertiary institutions as well as those serving in the mandatory, one year National Youth Service (NYSC) scheme. Our mandate at this level is to help students/corps members make ‘the student to employee or entrepreneur’ transition smoothly through our seminars, boot camps, and other training programmes. These seminars are organised at tertiary institutions and features breakout sessions focusing on different knowledge areas relevant for pursuing a fruitful career. Mock interviews, CV screening, career counselling, mentorship among other practical sessions are some of the features for this category. At LCA, we believe that your career is expected to have an inter-phase with your life purpose.  We also believe that the career which you are expected to fulfil in life is not designed to just put bread on the table or ‘keep body and soul together’ but to meet a need, to solve a problem.

Several individuals are engaged in jobs they loathe; some are in the right careers but are stagnant. Most of them either do not know what to do or how to do it. These category of individuals form the third level of our Professionals Directive Course. Special retreats at off site locations are organised with the aim of rediscovering, repositioning and helping people make adequate career and retirement transitions.

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Download “To You” by Teena

Teena is an uprising gospel artist who is so passionate about God. She is a worshipper, she enjoys being in the presence of God. For in his presence there is fullness of joy and at his right hands are pleasures forever more. She gave her life to Christ in the early nineties and joined the church choir thereafter. Working for God and walking with him is an amazing experience. She is an educator who loves working with children, a wife and a mother.
To You is a two in one single that talks about the greatness of God. Its a praise song that encourages people to always acknowledge and appreciate God for all his wonderful works. For who he is and all he has done, I just can’t help but sing his praise. To him be all the glory, honor and praise.

Download “Psalm 23” by Tosin Apprehend

At a time in the life of King David, he rote the Psalm 23 which has blessed several generations. It is one Psalm that has inspired Tosin Apprehend in his latest song titled Psalm 23.
‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for YOU ARE WITH ME: Your rod and Your staff they​ comfort me.’
The presence of God is the game changer! And He has promised to be with us all always; He is with us always– Emmanuel! But then, we have the responsibility to grow in the awareness of His presence because that’s where boldness comes from.
This song is a reminder that all we need to get through life is the reality that God’s presence is always with us. We must then be conscious of that reality! Enjoy!

Click here to download Psalm 23

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Download “My Keeper” by Omo Ego


Omo Ego is a Wife and a Mother who hails from Edo State.

Click here to download My Keeper

She was a member of her Choir band for many years and served as a Back Up Singer for many Artistes. Her single My Keeper has been released for Downloads, the song is a solemn tune that eulogizes God as the Keeper of us all.

Click here to download My Keeper

She introduces her listeners to the Beautiful Nature of God in keeping all his Children in his different capacities. For all Worshipers everywhere in the World this will be a perfect song to usher you into your Quiet time with God.

Click here to download My Keeper

Click here to download My Keeper

Please download and share with friends and family as it promises to get you into your Worship Zone and will definitely grant the Keeper more access in your Life.

Omo-Ego is open for invitation to minister in churches and christian programs. She can be reached on Facebook 

Click here to download My Keeper

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