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With the past and ongoing outbreak of gang violence in the northern Nigeria which has ended the lives of many, it’s no more a secret to know that the security situation in West Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, is in a volatile state.

Now, cattle thieves launch reprisal attacks on villages, where security forces are battling to contain cattle-rustling gangs and of course with no defense system for the poor villagers.

What can we do?

Nigeria is multi-ethnic and multi-religious with many different religious denominations within Christianity and Islam, which happens to be the two dominant religious groups.
However, from a religious point of view, Boko Haram and other radical Islamist groups are the biggest threat to religious pluralism. Therefore, the recent terrorist attacks by Islamists aren’t a surprise because Boko Haram is intent on spreading Islamic jihad in Nigeria.

What should we do?

Nigeria is battling an array of security threats across the country.
The report has it that a minimum of 9,000-11,500 Christians have been killed, that 1.3 million Christians have fled their homes since the year 2000, and that 13,000 churches have been closed or destroyed altogether.

What does God expect us to do as Christians?

CAPRO presents July’s edition of Reignite, this time with a theme tagged  follow link ‘The Unending Cycle Of Violence In Northern Nigeria’

Date: Sunday, 1st July, 2018 Time: 5:00PM – 7:30PM Venue: Oprah Benson Hall. 9, Thorbone Avenue, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

Don’t miss a chance to experience a turn around encounter with God. Come and experience a fresh Reignite with the Lord, Come prepared to pour out your hearts to God because we are assured that God would never abandon his own.

Mark your calendars because you cannot afford to miss it!!!





Do you Ever feel daunted by your circumstances?

Do you ever fear that you might fail and end up disappointed or even ashamed?

Do you ever feel like God’s presence is so far away from you?

When life hits us with difficulties and challenges, it is extremely difficult to believe that God is here with us. Jesus has told us to cast all our cares and burdens on him, he is always ready to comfort and embrace us if only we are genuinely willing and hungry for an encounter with him. It may seem like we are surrounded at all sides with trials and challenges but if only we can tune out the distractions and focus only on God who has promised us peace and sufficient grace to carry on.

It’s time to fix our gazes on God and to receive help from Him for the road ahead.

Its time to spend time alone with Him and rid our minds of all distractions threatening our faith and our belief in him. It’s time to forge forward and be transformed by his word and presence.

It’s time to be with Jesus!!!

clomid mg levels Great Light Ministry presents follow link “A Day With Jesus,” an amazing opportunity for us to connect and spend quality time with our maker. Date: Saturday 30th June, 2018

source Time: 09:00AM-04:00PM.

Venue: Faith Plaza, Igbo Igunnu, Bariga Lagos.

Come prepared to immerse completely in his presence and to feel his loving and kind embrace.

Get ready to recieve strength from your maker and to reconnect with him.

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Having come to the understanding that the spiritual balance and prosperity of the relationship between spouses is directly impacted by their personal relationship and level of commitment with God.

Then comes the questions…

What principles applies to marriage in relation to money?

What is God’s expectation regarding a believer’s marriage and their finances?

Does the financial status of a couple have anything to do with the efficiency of their relationship?

If these are the questions that have been running through your mind, then you must not miss the cytotec without prescription only MatriMoney Conference 2018, a relationship and finance seminar for singles and couples brought to you by enter Dominion Harvest International Church.

source link Date: Sunday 1st of July, 2018.

follow link Time: 4pm prompt (Red carpet starts by 3pm).

enter Venue: Dominion Place, 76 Ikorodu Road, Beside Fidelity Bank, Fadeyi Bus Stop, Fadeyi, Lagos. Ministering: Pastor & Mrs Olumide Emmanuel.

source Special Features Include: Gifts for the first 20 couples and singles, Comedy, Raffle Draw and other exciting, edifying and entertaining activities.

This program would be also be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth from the WiGRadio website ( or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices from the various stores online.

For seat reservations send your name and number to 07039134407.

Come prepared to expand your mind and to have a deeper understanding on how to have a successful financial and marital life.

Don’t miss this program, It promises to be extremely edifying and life-changing.






Are you facing financial complications and difficulties?

Do you want to be financially free and buoyant?

If yes, this is another opportunity you’ve been waiting for. I want you to know that there are steps you must take… Yes, some certain principles you must take to experience financial freedom.

We are in times where money is a necessity and life without money is seen as misery. Financial success is therefore a need that cannot be overemphasized, the need to know how to secure money and freedom from the shackles of poverty and lack are paramount.

Dreamers world Christian center blissfully invites you to another wonderful edition of her Monthly summit “Dream Big and Succeed.”

Theme: Gateway to Financial Freedom.

Date: July 7th, 2018

Time: 10am prompt. 

Venue: Eco Event center, 64 Idimu Road Beside Primatek Plaza, Mokola, B/stop Egbeda Lagos.

Ministering: Sunday A. Ezekiel(Host).

This program would be also be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth from the WiGRadio website ( or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices from the various stores online.

You can’t afford to miss this program…It is a must attend for everyone who seeks to understand the principles to living a financially balanced life.

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The Grace of God is one of the best and most wonderful gifts we enjoy as Christians. When Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins, we were ushered into a new era, an era where we are able to come boldly to the throne of Grace, a time where an intimate relationship with God became less of a far-fetched tale and more of a  wonderful and realistic opportunity.

Through the years, The Grace of God has suffered so much misrepresentation and misinterpretation. In recent times we have seen Christians who believe that Grace is an excuse to sin, we have also seen Christians who undervalue the power and purpose of this precious and unrelenting Gift called Grace.

In a bid to correct the perceived errors of “HyperGrace” some of us have begun to tend towards “HypoGrace,” A situation whereby we become unconsciously or consciously unrecieving of the Message of Grace. Some of us are afraid people will misuse Grace—-Others are afraid people will underutilize Grace.

Mind Gym is calling upon all Grace Extremists and those who underrate the power behind this Great bestowal for another powerful edition of the program…

Theme: GRACE: Enjoy Responsibly.

Date: June 30,2018.

Time: 9 am prompt

Venue: Yudee Event Center (Opposite Gemade Estate) GOWON Estate, Egbeda,  Lagos.

Ministering: Pastor Gbenga Samson(Host).

Let’s come together to explore the Rights and Responsibilities of Grace, as we get more light and insight on what the Word of God says about Grace and how it can be applied to our personal lives.

Join us this Saturday, June 30 2018 for a wonderful time of fellowship at this Month’s edition of The Mind Gym.

This program would be also be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth from the WiGRadio website ( or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices from the various stores online.

Don’t miss this program for anything in the world, it promises to be a wonderful time of fellowship.

Come prepared to have a Rethink, get ready to have your minds transformed through an in-depth study of the Word of God.



God desires that all men should come to a full revelation of him. His will is that we become so close and familiar with him in such a way that we are able to understand and perceive the in-depth desires of his heart, and in order to do this there has to be an informal level of commitment and a deep seated need for intimacy with him.

When a man commits himself to earnest prayers and genuine worship God automatically reveals himself to him, his presence would always and forever abide and dwell with such a man and Oh, What greater feeling could ever compete with the matchless joy that’s experienced in his presence?

How amazing would it be to spend a whole evening enjoying and rejoicing in the presence of the most high?

Incredibly Amazing!

Thankfully one of such programs is around the corner!!!
Glorious Word Intl. Christian Center invites you to the very first edition of the highly anticipated “Evening of Worship and Prayer,” a program that promises to be filled with powerful prayers and uplifting worship.

Date: Sunday 24th of June, 2018.

Time: 4pm prompt.

Venue: 26 Surulere Street, No. 1 Bus-stop, Dopemu-Agege, Lagos.

Ministering: Odunayo Aboderin, Ohabsy, Pastors Akinyemi and Wunmi Awosefaju(Hosts).

You cannot afford to miss this program, come prepared to experience the power and impact of God’s presence as we engage in powerful and spirit-filled sessions of immense worship and prayer.

This program would also be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth from the WiGRadio website ( or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices from the various stores online.

For more inquires or further information on the program contact +2348063806242 or +2348029092029 you could also visit the official Facebook page @Glorious Word Int’l Christian Center or send a mail to

Don’t miss this glorious opportunity to enjoy God’s presence and to engage in an intense fellowship with your creator who because of his Love for you, endured persecution and shame.
Come prepared to experience an atmosphere filled with the Spirit and Power of God.

Don’t miss this program for anything in the world, mark your calendars and save the date because it promises to be highly exciting.

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