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Life Lens


Generic viagra does it work We all see life through different lenses. This perception of life determines how we live our life. When you see someone who is living a life devoid of direction and purpose, it is usually because they are seeing life from a wrong lens. The lens God has given us is the word of God. When we live our life with the word as our perspective, the journey in this world would be more purpose driven.

here Life lens on WiGRadio

go to site This is why you need to listen to Life Lens with Olukunle Esan every Wednesday at 11am (GMT+1). Join us as we view life from the word of faith.

Generic viagra and india Episode 1: Using your words to create your world

watch Episode 2: Faith Generation and discharge for maximum output

go Episode 3: Have a vision of God

go site Episode 4: Overdue For Delivery

Buy medved viagra [rule style=”rule-double-thick-thin” ] Episode 5: At such a time as this

Affiliate programs for binary options warning Episode 6: Ichabod (The glory is departed) Episode 7: You are ordained to be heard

Is clomid available over the counter Episode 8: The unrapturable weight Episode 9: Don’t worry get concerned [rule style=”rule-double-thick-thin” ]

Viagra online viagra buy prescription group Episode 10: Destiny Ship Cruise

Episode 11: Destiny Ship Cruise II

Episode 12: Dangers of wrong ship cruise

Epiosde 13: Appreciating in the time of recession

Episode 14: The power in the name of Jesus

Episode 15: How you can hear from God 

Episode 16: The messenger called WORDS

Episode 17: The messenger called Word (Part II)

Episode 18: Commanding Results that cancels insults 

Episode 19: Potters of Destiny

Epsode  20: Encouragement; The antidote of discouragement

Monumental Success (Season II)


If there is one program that has blessed listeners so much on WiGRadio last year, it is Monumental Success. People were greatly blessed by the weekly broadcast by God’s vessel Gbenga Samson. There was a lot of emotions as the program went on hold last year. Why would such a program come to an end? It was God’s instruction to the host (Gbenga Samson) and when God speaks, a man of the Spirit must obey. Waiting on the Lord, anticipating and trusting God for instructions, we have good news!


Monumental Success Season I was a great blessing to several lives across the world. In one of the sessions, Gbenga Samson said, we cannot use Forbes standard to define success. We use the word of God and the will of God to define true success. It is this kind of success that is rooted in God’s plan and purpose that we call monumental success.  In this season II of Monumental Success, God is set to bring you practical teachings on Success according to God’s word and you can be sure season II would be much hotter than Season I so stay tuned to WiGRadio every Tuesday at 9:00am (GMT+1). You can tune in to WiGRadio via or download the mobile app

You can download each episode of Monumental Success here

Episode 1: Responsible Success

Episode 2: Get out of the box

Episode 3: Breaking Mental Boxes

Episode 4: Success is about Money

Episode 5: Breaking the Breakthrough Mentality

Episode 6: Breaking the Breakthrough mentality II: Faith is not lazy

Episode 7: Work does not guarantee wealth

Episode 8: Turning your work into worship

Episode 9: Turning your work into worship II (Fruit of the Spirit)

Episode 10: Turning your work into worship III (A lifestyle of truth)

Episode 11: The Fear of Death

Episode 12: The Fear of Failure

Episode 13: The Fear of Success

Episode 14: The box of Pride

Episode 15: Ownership vs Stewardship 

Episode 16: The fear of pain

Episode 17: The fear of pleasure

Episode 18: The fear of the past

Episode 19: The fear of the present

Episode 20: The fear of tomorrow

Episode 21 The box of unbelief

Episode 22: The box of unbelief (same as episode 21)

Episode 23: Beyond Desires (Lust of the flesh)

Episode 24: Beyond Vision (Lust of the eyes)

Episode 25: Beyond Vision II (Don’t trust your eyes)

Episode 26: Beyond Vision III (Look past life’s difficulties)

Episode 27: The pride of life

Episode 28: Spiritual Pride

Episode 29: The box of works

Episode 30: The box of Grace

Episode 31: Life beyond the box

Pastor Gbenga on WiGRadio

Christian Persecution


The Nigerian church has been successful at raising millionaires but we have failed at raising disciples. What we do not realise is that when crisis and persecution breaks out, the millionaires would be the first set of people to run away in the next available flight while the disciples are the ones who will stay back.

Those were some of the piercing words of Pst. Bosun Emmanuel in an audio message on the state of the church sometimes last year. He spoke extensively about the persecution of the church in some regions of Nigeria.

Pst. Bosun is the Leader of the Voice of Christian Matyrs and Nigeria Christian Elders Forum and is highly experienced and a qualified resource person on Christian Persecution.


In the light of recent global trends, it is important for Christians to sit down an reexamine the persecution of the church and understand how to respond correctly. As we celebrate the blessings of God, like Paul, we should also identify with the suffering church.

This Sunday April 3rd 2016 at the CAPRO April Reignite, Pst. Bosun Emmanuel would be speaking on CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION: A correct understanding and appropriate response!

This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of the world via For more information and how to attend, kindly call +2347030633188 or contact

Time: 5:00pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Oprah Benson Hall, 9, Thorbone Avenue, Sabo Yaba, Lagos.

Click here to download the audio message at the program (11Mb)

WiGMedia Institute April Diet


When the bible says in Matt 24:14 that “this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached for a witness in all the earth, and then shall the end come”, there were no mass media. Of course Jesus could not have been speaking in that place and referring to us going from house to house knocking on peoples door to take the gospel to them or waiting for them to come to our churches on Sunday morning. There must be a more effective way, that is why we have the media today!

The media is not a tool of the devil, it is one of God’s end time tools to reach the world with this good news of the Kingdom. At WiGMedia Institute, we train people who have to passion to use the media as a tool to spread the gospel. We look at this not just from a spiritual angle but also from a professional angle in order to equip men and women, boys and girls to be involved in filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Our course curriculum includes

Introduction to media, Social Media Management, Script Writing, Production Process, Broadcasting Techniques, Kingdom Broadcasting and lots more.

The training is highly practical and students are expected to complete a project work with no supervision before they graduate and get a certificate. Through us, God has produced a lot of dynamic people whose passion for using the media creatively to reach people with good news is fueled by the Spirit.


Click here to download audio jingle for April Diet 

Click here to download Career Project by some of our students

Click here to download Agric Project by some of our students


The training holds at our Lagos office from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th April 2016 (12noon daily). If you are supposed to be one of those who should benefit from this free training at this time, send an SMS with your name, email, location and phone number to +2348039701132 or send a mail to Only 12 slots available

WiGMedia Institute… Raising Kingdom Broadcasters

Listen to what some of our students have to say about the last training.

WiGMedia Institute is a citadel of purposeful kingdom thinkers and positive influencers.

WiGMedia is a kingdom minded institute that impact positive way of how life should be reflected on social media and how to be conscious about how people see you out there on social media.

It is a place of Vision and a fertile ground to grow great destinies.

WiGMedia is an organisation fulfilling the great commandment of preaching the gospel.

A great place, of great Minds with a Great Vision. Great place to be.


The Good News is that the April Diet of WiGMedia Institute would also be FREE and you need to start registering now to be able to enjoy the benefits.


I Trust You

Peju Popoola is a Singer and Songwriter with a powerful​ Voice. She makes her entrance into the Nigerian music scene with the release of the single titled ‘I Trust You’.
The Single reflects her experience as a singer through the years in different Choirs and also her relationship with God
With ‘I trust You’, PJ as she is fondly called intends to lead the listener into the very presence of God. The Song was produced by ace Keyboardist Peter ‘Skills’ Olaipe. Stay blessed as you listen.
To promote your songs on WiGRadio, you can send a mail to

Visually-Impaired Author Inspires the World



There is one young lady who has been a great source of inspiration to us in recent times. This visually impaired lady is dogged and sees beyond her disability. Like Hellen Keller, she reminds us that the real blindness is not just about not seeing but not having vision. She had a vision to publish a book and that vision has become a reality.

Anthonia Okoro, is an English Language graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University that published her book and had the book launch this last Saturday. You need to listen to what some people said about her. Someone even said that she cooks delicious meals. You can download the audio of the book launch by clicking Anthonia Okoro publish book . Her book which was published by Wisdom Gate Communications is now on Amazon, you can purchase it online by clicking Anthonia Okoro Book on Amazon


Anthonia was live on WiGRadio today Thursday 24, 2016 where she shared her experience with Olawale Perfect on Kingdom Mandate. She has read the bible cover to cover and she also shared how she began cooking wonderful meals that brought several people to her room while on campus.

Click here to download the audio recording of her interview

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