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Download MOMOYI by Sola Ayaosi

0 There is this remarkable experience Jesus had when he healed ten lepers and only one of them came back to appreciate what Jesus had done. Jesus asked a question “Where are the remaining nine”. God expects us to be appreciative and come back to say thank you for all the good things he has done in our life. However only a few people do this.

go This is why a song like MOMOYI should be on regular play in your car, house and even in your church because it is a song that talks about the greatness of God from a heart that sincerely appreciates. The song was inspired by the Holy Spirit during at a time when the composer considered the great things God was doing despite the crisis around. You might be experiencing a crisis but if you think we’ll enough, you would still see that God is indeed faithful.

click momoyi-sola-ayaosi-www-wigradio-com

where can i buy cytotec in canada Momoyi is a Yoruba word that means “I know thy value”. Anyone that thinks deeply would indeed know the value of what God has done in his/her life. This wonderful song composed by Sola Ayaosi is filled with scriptural insight that would make anyone to go into indepth worship of the creator of the universe. Stop focusing on what has not happened but pay attention on the ones God has done and thank him for it through this song of appreciation because those who appreciate God never depreciates. Sola Ayaosi is a spirit filled song writer and gospel artist who is an ex-banker now in business. She is passionate about impacting lives for God and she does that through spirit filled songs like Momoyi and other tracks that are blessing people worldwide. Her album titled MOFEYINTI would be released towards the end of November 2016.

buy cytotec in lebanon Sola Ayaosi is open for invitation to minister in churches and Christian programs across the world and can be reached on twitter via @solayaosi. 

click Click here to download MOMOYI by Sola Ayaosi

Alagbara, the song by Almira that got people worshipping


source link We have all heard how Jesus heals the broken hearted and does miraculous wonders but few people can put it into a song the way Almira did in the song Alagbara. With over 20 years experience in singing and working with the best of Nigeria’s gospel artistes like Jahdiel, Eben and others, she has emerged as one of the finest rock singers in the country with wonderful songs like “Who knows tomorrow”“My life”“He’s got it all in control” and “Rain on me”. almira From the time she released her first album in October 2015 “Me and You” signed under Dameren Records, Almira has been part of the new generation of artists that refused preconceived notions and exceed expectations. With a degree in English, she decided to pursue what she has always loved which is MUSIC. Music is not just an hobby for her, it is something she is passionate about. From the tender age of 8, having been influenced by her dad, she was involved in the church choir, and she has continued to inspire and bless lives across the country.

see Those who work with her call her the Iron-Lady due to her fondness for playing the jazz drums. She was involved in the BOW Concert 2016. Almira is currently signed with E-Septen (one of the leading gospel musicians’ promotional companies in Nigeria). She is working on her next album which has recent songs like “Chidindu”“Nobody like you” and other songs.

go to site The song Alagbara has been a blessing to several people across the world. It was born out of divine inspiration on the powerful ability of God to do that which seems impossible. Almira, who is considered as one of Nigeria’s most influential gospel artistes is open for invitation to minister in churches and other Christian programs.

can you buy clomid from a pharmacy Click here to listen to Alagbara

Ambassadors Summit 3.0


order cytotec online in philippines The Ambassadors Summit is an annual gathering of Africa’s rising leaders across fields to interact, interface and interchange ideas on how to reposition themselves for relevance and leadership in their chosen interests. The third edition holds this September and brings together five thousand young people from all over Nigeria with more participants locking in online from over 80 countries of the World.

follow site Carefully selected Speakers at this year’s Ambassadors Summit include:

– Tonye Cole(Chairman Sahara Group)
– Dr Willie Jolley(Top Public Speaker in the USA)
– Ayo Makun (AY Show)
– Helen Paul
– Emeka Okoye (Chairman, GTI/AC Yafeng Group)
– Frank Edwards
– Ifie Sekibo (MD, Heritage Bank)
– Moses Siloko (Chairman, NYPForum)
– Detoun Ogwo (HR expert)
– Summy Francis(President, AYE)
– Chaplain Mark Olubena
– And Convener, Prince Joshua

and a line up of other great speakers.

Sessions include
– The Girl-Child and Women Empowerment
-Governance & Policy Advocacy
-Career Development
-Skills Acquisition
-Scholarships Awards

Date: Saturday, 10th September, 2016
Venue: Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos
Time: 9am prompt

Participation is FREE and open to All but registration is required at

and of course, you can listen to the live broadcast on

Lift Africa


Lift Africa is a youth led organization focused on transforming African youths through inspirational words and Quotes with Annual Summit of Greatness.

VISION:Working toward bringing hope back to Africa by lifting in-built greatness in African Youths to live, to learn, to lead and create with a positive mindset of restructuring Africa back to normal position and as a greater component to the wider world for true leadership, restoration and mentorship.



Where would you be this Saturday 3rd September 2016? Join us live at Yaba Baptist Event Hall, Sabo-Yaba Lagos


MISSION:Using Inspirational words as a tool of influence to bring out in-built Greatness in African Youth.To promote and organize an inspirational Summit that will Lift and inspire souls across the continent.To stand as an organization that ready to intervene for the greatness of Africa by working towards making Africa violence free continent.To stand as an organization that would be praying and interceding for the continent for peace to reign.

VALUES:Our core values are Greatness, Integrity, Peace, Humility, True Leadership, Mentorship and Compassion

OBJECTIVES:Lift Africa shall operate to realize the following objectives;To build proper leadership through Mentorship in the young Africa generation to enhance their potential for the development of Africa continent.To support the Africa Union, United Nation and relevant Multinational bodies for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in AfricaTo build a unifying Youth structure for African Youth Leaders through good communication and networking in the development of their Communities.To help African youth members with mentorship to enable turning of ideas into real ventures.To provide entrepreneurship education through social media to change youths paradigms into creativity and innovation so as to increase production among African states through youths

To encourage talent development and specialisation in the African education system as a means of promoting innovation among youths.


This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of world via or download the mobile app via



Happy Birthday TutuGold

 I read the article the second time, it was obvious that the person who wrote the article was very creative and I love creative articles when I see them. I could connect with the writer of the article immediately and I just new within my spirit that this is one great team team member I must meet in life (that might be because the article was something about when team members don’t keep to time). I read another article written by this creative writer in that episode of Campus Mirror again and I saw that it was an understatement to call her creative writer (Campus Mirror is an annual publication of Lagos Varsity Christian Union). I took a mental note of the name.
Fast forward to some months later, I was attending one of the village outreaches of the fellowship as an Alumni and I got chatting with a couple of people including this young lady that seemed to be super-intelligent. We got talking about the media and its effects on people. Everyone around me knows that is something I am passionate about. By the end of the conversation, I asked for her name and she said “Adetutu Wande-Kayode”. Jeez! So you are the one I read her creative article, I have been longing to meet you and say that was a wonderful write up…bla bla bla… That was how we became friends.
A couple of months later, my super intelligent friend graduated from University of Lagos with a First Class degree joining the club of UNILAG First Class Alumni where I was already a member only that she got an executive membership because she broke a jinx of being the first to graduate with a first class from the department of Mass Communication after a 30 years period.
When it was time to set up WiGRadio, she was one of the first people to came to my mind to be a part of the team and she has been a team member since then coming up with creative ideas and concepts that keep working. I don’t usually produce programs on WiGRadio but her program is the only program that I know which I produce personally even though it makes me end u on her hot seat many times during the weekly broadcast of “Issues with TutuGold”.
She is my M.Sc. colleague and we had wonderful times of discussions together and of course eating out at Cafe 2001 in New Hall, University of Lagos. The only argument we used to have was on who will pay for the meal. We both always insisted on paying but I was usually the winner most times. She is a woman of prayer and a wonderful cook too who have been hosting the WiGRadio family annual End of year party since inception.
When she celebrated her last birthday, I told her that the man who would marry her would come and pay his dues to us at WiGRadio. That dream is about to come true as this is the last birhday she would be celebrating as a single lady. One day sooner than you imagine, the lucky man would be coming to pay his dues to us.
Adetutu is one of the Directors of Wisdom Gate Radio and she is a year older today. It is because of great people like this that we say we have the best team on planet earth. Join me to say Happy Birthday to a friend, a sister, a colleague in school and at work. Together we would reach the world with good new!
I won’t forget to ask for our cake!
Written by Olawale Perfect (CEO, WiGRadio)

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