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Visually-Impaired Author Inspires the World


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enter site There is one young lady who has been a great source of inspiration to us in recent times. This visually impaired lady is dogged and sees beyond her disability. Like Hellen Keller, she reminds us that the real blindness is not just about not seeing but not having vision. She had a vision to publish a book and that vision has become a reality.

get link Anthonia Okoro, is an English Language graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University that published her book and had the book launch this last Saturday. You need to listen to what some people said about her. Someone even said that she cooks delicious meals. You can download the audio of the book launch by clicking Anthonia Okoro publish book . Her book which was published by Wisdom Gate Communications is now on Amazon, you can purchase it online by clicking Anthonia Okoro Book on Amazon image

buy clomid brand Anthonia was live on WiGRadio today Thursday 24, 2016 where she shared her experience with Olawale Perfect on Kingdom Mandate. She has read the bible cover to cover and she also shared how she began cooking wonderful meals that brought several people to her room while on campus.

cytotec inducing labor Click here to download the audio recording of her interview

Mandate Music Concert in Romania

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source url … That is one of the ways we say Hello, How are you in Romanian Language. Among Nigerians making impacts in Romania is a young Nigerian Oluwatobiloba Omole whose songs keep blessing lives across the world, one of which is “I’ll Wait” Click here to Watch the Video.

buy cytotec in egypt This Good Friday is good because Tobiloba and Friends would be having a musical concert at 18:00 (Romanian time) on Friday 25th March 2016. That is 4:00pm in Nigerian Time. You can get tickets to attend the event via The Mandate Tobiloba would be waiting for you at Palatul National al Copiilor B-dul Tineretului Nr. 8-10, 040353 Bucuresti, Romania.

follow You cannot make it down to Romania? Do not worry, that is why WiGRadio is here. WiGRadio would be covering the event live from Romania and you can listen from any part of planet earth via or download WiGRadio apps for mobile devices across all platforms.

buying clomid online uk You might also want to check out this interview with Tobiloba. Click here to watch.

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The Swordless Christian


THE SWORDLESS CHRISTIAN Colossians 3:16… Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.


It is without a doubt that you have heard about a sword. It is a battle weapon much like a big knife.

Picture a knife but a bigger form. Swords were used predominantly in wars of old more like the arms and ammunitions of today. It is a battle weapon used against the enemy. We are in the kingdom and our enemy is the devil (We are not referring to earthly battles now).

As Christians, we need a sword to engage in spiritual warfare. We need the sword to attack our enemy-the devil. what type of sword do we refer to? In the word ‘SWORD’, we have ‘WORD’. In ‘SWORDLESS’, we have ‘WORDLESS’.

The sword of a Christian is the word of God. The bible in Hebrews 4 vs 12 tells us that cytotec online purchase ‘THE WORD OF GOD IS QUICK AND POWERFUL, AND SHARPER THAN ANY TWO-EDGED SWORD, PIERCING EVEN TO THE DIVIDING ASUNDER OF THE SOUL AND SPIRIT….

In that verse, we observe that the word is no ordinary sword. It is two-edged. That is both sides of it function effectively. It has not just one sharp edge but two edges. If you look at a knife, it has only one sharp edge while the other side is blunt and cannot cut anything. Imagine a knife with two sharp edges, I think there would be a lot of kitchen accidents as people will hurt and cut themselves frequently.

The word we have as Christians is two edged. Halleluyah! It is to be wielded by us and not for our hurt. It is for the hurt of our enemies and to change our situation around.

A sword brings victory if used appropriately. The word of God only makes us victorious. Every Christian is supposed to be equipped with this important weapon-THE UNDILUTED WORD.

Imagine going to war without a sword, such person will be one of the first casualties of that war. The word of God is the most potent weapon ever to fight the good fight of faith. I repeat, the most potent weapon to fight life’s battles. This is because we do not wrestle against flesh and against blood but against spiritual and unseen forces.

Note that buy clomid pct online a swordless Christian is – A bad ambassador of the kingdom

A word-equipped Christian knows the word. It is not enough to know the word but also using it to send back every arrow sent against you by the enemy. The word renders the enemy powerless. Our Lord Jesus Christ was a perfect example of a warrior who wielded his sword against the devil in the wilderness. He was tempted at all points but he overcame using nothing but the WORD. Simple words of  follow url ‘It is written…’ The word in the mouth of a Christian will have the enemy run as far and fast as possible.

There is nothing the word of God cannot achieve. It is all powerful. There is no problem on this earth that has no solution in the word of God. As a Christian, are you equipped with the word of God? Or are you swordless?

How can you have and wield your own sword?

1. STUDY the word of God day and night. Joshua 1:8, ps. 1:1-3

2. MEDITATE and memorize the word you have studied. You can make use of memory verses. Place written ones in strategic places you can see them. Any method that works for you as a reminder. But, always meditate.

3. Don’t just know the word, USE it. You use the word by constantly speaking it. If you find yourself sick, speak portions of the word that relate to healing and so on. Personalize the word. It was written specially to you by God and for you.

4. Finally BELIEVE it. Don’t just speak it. Speak it in faith. Without faith, you can’t move or please God. If you do not believe in your sword as a potent weapon, wielding it becomes impossible.

If you can do all these, you are on your way to becoming a SWORD EQUIPPED/ WORD FILLED Christian.

Keep winning.


Ajayi Opeoluwa. E.

The Kneeling Christian


Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t feel like praying because you wonder if God really answers prayers? Never mind, I have felt that way too so you are not alone. However, I can say without any shadow of doubt that God does answers prayers. If your prayers are not being answered, the problem is not with God, the problem is with you. Have you really taken out time to learn the art of praying?


As a student on campus some years ago, I came across a particular book that transformed my prayer life. I have recommended this book for several people and it has blessed them tremendously and I believe this book would bless you also. The title of the book is THE KNEELING CHRISTIAN. I am sure you would want to know who is the author of this book that has blessed me this much? The author has no name. He is an unknown author. Only God knows him. When I get to heaven, I would love to ask Jesus to show me this author so that I can hug him for this great book.

I would not be selfish with this book. You can download the book here for free. Now that I have shared this book with you free, do not be selfish. Share this post and bless someone else who need a transformation in prayer.

Click this picture to download the book now free. Feel free to send us feedbacks on on how this book has blessed you!41qPfUYM7hL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_

By the way, do you know that we publish books here at Wisdom Gate Communications? Click here to find out more about our book publishing process. 


Young and Yielded 2016 with Apst. Joshua Selman


When you meet a man of God who love God sincerely, his passion for God is contagious. You become a more sincere lover of God when you listen to such a man.That is one thing that Apostle Joshua Selman is known for. He creates an hunger for more of God in everyone that comes under his ministration. Every year young people gather in an atmosphere of worship to yield themselves over to God. It is Young and Yielded 2016 brought to you by Eternity Network InternationalHeritage Youth Fellowship and Youth For Christ


Last year was an awesome time as Apst. Joshua Selman brought the undiluted word of God that brought everyone to their kneels in total surrender and love to give God the first place in their live.

Click here to Download Young and Yielded 2015 Message 2

Click here to download Young and Yielded 2015 Message 1

This year promises to be more powerful as the we worship God with reckless abandon.

Ministering: Apostle Joshua Selman, David Nkennor, Andrew Ambassage Abu, Eternity Network International Worship Team and HY! Praise
Venue: New Heritage Baptist Church, Fola-Agoro, Shomolu – Lagos.
From Friday – March 18th (6pm) to Saturday – March 19th (8am & 5pm).


This program will be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of planet earth via or download the mobile app via

Worshippers from outside Lagos should call 07031137340 for accommodation details.


  1. From Unilag Gate: Walk towards parked Kekes/Auto rickshaws and board ‘Fola-Agoro – Morocco’ and alight at Kolex Bus Stop.
    You’ll be dropped on the street of the church. Walk into the street (Femi Adebule street) and in few minutes of walking you’ll see New Heritage Baptist Church
  2. From Berger: Board Ojota bus, Alight at Ojota Bus Stop.
    Board Yaba bus, Alight at Yaba Phase 1 busstop.
    Cross over carefully to the other side of the road. Board a Keke Marwa/Auto rickshaw going to Unilag Gate.
    Alight at Unilag gate and follow the first description.
  3. From Oshodi: Board Yaba bus at oshodi close to the railway near access bank in oshodi. Alight at Yaba Phase 1 bus stop.
    Cross over carefully to the other side of the road. Board a Keke Marwa/Auto rickshaw going to Unilag Gate and follow the first description

You can follow updates of the program on Twitter with the HashTag #YoungNYielded2016

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WiGRadio … Reaching the world with good news … Transforming lives globally!

This program is powered by ENI, HY, and YFC.

Click here to download Young and Yielded 2016 with Apostle Joshua Selman Message Day 1

Click here to download the interview session of WiGRadio with Apostle Selman on Day 1 of Young and Yielded 2016

Click here to download Young and Yielded 2016 with Apst Joshua Selman Message Day 2 (Evening)

Visually Impaired Anthonia Okoro Publishes First Book



Hellen Keller once said “The only worst thing than being blind is to have sight but no vision”. The fact that a person is visually Impaired does not mean the person lack vision,  that is the story of Anthonia Okoro who is the author of the book ENTRAILS OF MY BEING, a collection of poems on different life issues.


The book published by Wisdom Gate Communications, owners of WiGRadio and Wisdom Gate Television would be launched on Saturday 19th March 2016. The program is open and would be a time of inspiration and challenge to both sighted and non sighted people. The author Okoro Ifeoma Anthonia is a lady with a dogged spirit who has chosen to see beyond her circumstances and challenges of being blind.


TIME: 11:00AM
All enquiries on being a part of this project can be directed to the author on  +2347061547195 or

This program will be live on WiGRadio and you can listen to WiGRadio from any part of planet earth via or download the mobile apps via

To publish your books with Wisdom Gate Communications, you can visit

Click here to download the live recording of the book launch

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