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Busayomi {Elere Oba}

0 Busayomi ElereOba, a multi dimensional gospel music dynamite is Gods mouthpiece to the world and to the church this end time. Through her music, she ministers to God and His people. The gospel according to ElereOba is that of Gods love,healing,forgiveness and restoration to a dying world through the power of Jesus Christ that brings salvation.

click Over the years, she has hosted and ministerd in several life changing programmes such as ‘the KING of GLORY’ 2002 @ University of Lagos, Concert for ONE 2005 in Minna, Nigeria, Rest to the Weary 2006 in Lagos Nigeria to mention a few. She ministers quarterly at the Miracles and Praise Mountain alongside other Jesus artistes which she is priviledged to be the visioner. By Gods grace she leads the Miracles and Praise Ministries with the mandate to ‘declare Gods praise to the nations of the earth’. Busayomi ElereOba actively serves in the RCCG national mass choir and also serves as a chorister in her local church. Busayomi is passionate about evangelsm and looks beyond ‘church’ ; breaking down divisive walls of denomination and uniting the CHURCH in worship of JESUS. Apart from being a minister of the gospel, Busayomi is an outstanding educator, a wife and a mother. She is a Masters degree holder in English, Literature and Education and loves research and writing.

follow site She has ministered alongside gospel artistes of note such as Mike Abdul, Bukola Bekes, Tolucci, Havilla 1, Psalmos and a host of others She will always be happy to meet you!

go here elere oba She can be contacted on Facebook by clicking on Facebook and she is available to minister in songs in any part of the world via her number +2348023356527 Download her songs by clicking
Alleluyah Hossannah
Ife Ayemi

October Series


buy clomid us pharmacy Wisdom Bank with Olawale Perfect on WiGRadio
Click here to download the series for October 2014

where to buy clomid without an rx Part 1: This Gospel of the Kingdom (7.6 MB) (2nd October 2014) Part 2: Building a lasting legacy (7.5MB) (3rd October 2014)

Part 3: A closer walk with God (6.9 MB) (6th October 2014)

Part 4: Take Heed (7.0 MB) (7th October 2014)

Part 5: Don’t let these things Trouble you (6.7 MB) (8th October 2014)

Part 6: The Pangs before the Birthing (6.1 MB) (9th October 2014)

Part 7: Persecuted but not abandoned (6.7 MB) (10th October 2014)

Part 8: Beware of this Man (6.8 MB) (13th October 2014)

Part 9: Because iniquity shall abound (6.2 MB)(14th October 2014)

Part 10:The Last Man Standing (7.0 MB) (15th October 2014)

Part 11: What is this in the Holy Place (6.8 MB) (16th October 2014)

Part 12: Lead us not into temptation (6.9 MB) (17th October 2014 )

Part 13: Why sit we here till we die (6.9 MB) (20th October 2014 )

Part 14: Behold He comes (7.0 MB) (22nd October 2014 )

Part 15: We don’t do that here (6.9 MB) (23rd October 2014)

Part 16: When you see these things (5.2 MB) (24th October 2014)

Part 17: Just as the days of Noah (6.4 MB) (27th October 2014 )

Part 18: Left Behind (6.6MB) (28th October 2014)

Part 19: Be Prepared (6.7MB) (29th October 2014)

Part 20: This Gospel of the Kingdom (30th October 2014)


Check back tomorrow   for Part XX which is the conclusion of the series

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Wisdom Bank with Olawale Perfect (November 2014)

Wisdom Bank with Olawale Perfect

Wisdom Bank with Olawale Perfect on WiGRadio
Click here to download the series for November 2014 tagged


Part XIV: Refusing the pleasures of sin

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Part VI: Hearing God through Nature & Creature

Part V: Hearing God through other believers 

Part IV: Hearing God through circumstances 

Part III: Hearing God through His Son

Part II: Hearing God through His word

Part I : God is not dead (3rd November 2014)

Special Broadcasts


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Praise and Passion


Interview with Supremez D’Enigma

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Kingdom Mandate


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