Saturday, February 24, 2018


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Be The Change Conference 2018

It is a new year and a lot of people are assuming that great things would happen this year by itself. However I want...

Serving God in Spirit and in truth

There is one thing that God is still looking for? He is looking for men who would worship him in spirit and in truth....

Just Worship 6.0

Five years ago the Lord gave laid a burden on the heart of one of his sons to host a worship meeting where the...

Dynamic Teens Conference 2017

Many go through life aimlessly without finding out the real core of their existence and why exactly they are on earth. Some of them...

GLM Annual Retreat 2017

Every end of the year, men and women, young and old gather from across different parts of Nigeria to do one thing - to...

God of All Grace

The Lord's End Time Christian Centre is a ministry set up to win souls into the Kingdom of God and deliver men from all...

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