Thursday, October 19, 2017


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Night of God’s Glory

There comes a time when you have done all you know how to do and your situation seem hopeless. That is the time when...


A spiritual revolution is here. Be sure to partake in this revival that will cause a chain reaction of Holy Fire, Soul Winning, Discipleship...

Summit of Greatness

The challenge many young Africans face today is finding resources that enable them to escape from the vicious cycle of poverty. Many have great...

Spiritual Giants

The first time I read the book "God's Generals", what came to my heart was "why don't we have such moves of the spirit...

Passion for Excellence

Creating a Passion for Excellence Join creative minds as they discuss great topics like * Be careful what you call Impossible * Overcoming discouragement * Power...

The use of social media in spreading the gospel

The social media can be a tool in the hands of God just like it can be a tool in the hands of the...

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