Saturday, February 24, 2018


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WiGos Music Promotion for Gospel Artistes

It is good to be talented and anointed but it is equally good to have a platform where people can get exposed to the...

Dominion Academy Free Skill Acquisition Workshop

Sometimes, giving money to people would not help them. The best way you can help people is to empower them. There is this nursery...

Faith Foundation Scholarship 2016

Faith Scholarship Foundation is an NGO established to help students advance in their academic pursuit and actualize their academic dreams. Our goal is to...

Mandate Music Concert in Romania

Buna! ... That is one of the ways we say Hello, How are you in Romanian Language. Among Nigerians making impacts in Romania is a...

Young and Yielded 2016 with Apst. Joshua Selman

When you meet a man of God who love God sincerely, his passion for God is contagious. You become a more sincere lover of...

Visually Impaired Anthonia Okoro Publishes First Book

Hellen Keller once said "The only worst thing than being blind is to have sight but no vision". The fact that a person is...

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