Saturday, February 24, 2018


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Teens Forum with Uncle Ope

There are issues pertaining to teenagers. There are things that teenagers go through that matured people may not understand. It is some of these...

Business Forecast

Do you need to stay connected to what is happening in the world of business in Nigeria and across the world? Then #BusinessForecast is...

The Discovery Series

Man's greatest quest is the discovery of his identity and purpose. His identity is who he is and his purpose is what he is...

Exemplary Eagles Radio Show

Exemplary Eagles Radio Show Is A Divinely Inspirational Program With A Vision To Shape Lives Positively And Raise A Dignified Generation. It A Program Driven...

Virtues Unleashed

The female specie is very unique and there are things that are unique to them. Are you a lady, do you have ladies that...

Praise & Passion

Do you desire intimacy with God through sincere worship? Join Odunayo Adebayo every Friday at 9:30am (GMT+1) for Praise and Passion on WiGRadio ( It's...