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Gems For Your Down Moments

Do you feel down, depressed and in need of encouragement? Then tune in to GEMS FOR YOUR DOWN MOMENTS with Pastor Gbenga Samson every...

Kingdom Voice

We live in a time when there are many voices contending with the voice of God. However God has not stopped speaking. It is...


The Christian journey is not a sprint race, it is more of a marathon. There comes a time in that journey when you might...

Kingdom Mandate

In a world where people are gradually losing a sense of direction and purpose, there is a need to be realigned to the assignment...

Refiners Fire (Season II)

This is a labour under God to deal with (remove) the dross (impurities) in our lives and to wash the dirts off of our...

Virtues Unleashed

The female specie is very unique and there are things that are unique to them. Are you a lady, do you have ladies that...

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