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Refiner’s Fire

Before the revival we pray about will take place, there is something that must happen. "Like a refiner of silver he (the Lord) will sit...

Refiners Fire (Season II)

This is a labour under God to deal with (remove) the dross (impurities) in our lives and to wash the dirts off of our...

Monumental Success (Season III)

I don't really watch films but once in a while, I sit down to watch a good movie. I have watched a few seasons...

Virtues Unleashed

The female specie is very unique and there are things that are unique to them. Are you a lady, do you have ladies that...

Praise & Passion

Do you desire intimacy with God through sincere worship? Join Odunayo Adebayo every Friday at 9:30am (GMT+1) for Praise and Passion on WiGRadio (www.wigradio.com). It's...

Grace Community Live

Join Pst. Ayokunle Adeniji live on WiGRadio every Wednesday at 9:00am (GMT+1). You can tune in via www.wigradio.com or download the mobile app via...

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