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Growing in Grace

Have I ever told you about Brother Pius. He got born again on the 31st of December 1999. As people were entering into the...

Kingdom Mandate

In a world where people are gradually losing a sense of direction and purpose, there is a need to be realigned to the assignment...

Gospel of Entrepreneurship

God desires that you have more than enough but he will not rain down physical money from heaven. When God opens the windows of...

Life Lens

We all see life through different lenses. This perception of life determines how we live our life. When you see someone who is living...

Monumental Success (Season II)

If there is one program that has blessed listeners so much on WiGRadio last year, it is Monumental Success. People were greatly blessed by...

Monumental Success (Season III)

I don't really watch films but once in a while, I sit down to watch a good movie. I have watched a few seasons...

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