Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Gospel of Entrepreneurship

God desires that you have more than enough but he will not rain down physical money from heaven. When God opens the windows of...

Wisdom Bank with Olawale Perfect

Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom. Wisdom is always crying out on the roof top for men who would listen. This wisdom...

Life Lens

We all see life through different lenses. This perception of life determines how we live our life. When you see someone who is living...

Monumental Success (Season II)

If there is one program that has blessed listeners so much on WiGRadio last year, it is Monumental Success. People were greatly blessed by...

Refiner’s Fire

Before the revival we pray about will take place, there is something that must happen. "Like a refiner of silver he (the Lord) will sit...

Monumental Success Season 1

Gbenga Samson is a man on fire for God and Crazy With A Purpose For Christ!!! He is a full time minister who runs...

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