Thursday, October 19, 2017


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Alagbara, the song by Almira that got people worshipping

We have all heard how Jesus heals the broken hearted and does miraculous wonders but few people can put it into a song the...

Happy Birthday TutuGold

 I read the article the second time, it was obvious that the person who wrote the article was very creative and I love creative...

Happy Birthday Mr Calistus Ubajaka

Some people have made great impact in life and they are worth celebrating over and over again. Mr Calistus Ubajaka is one man whose...

Uncle John Lawal visits WiGRadio

"How many souls have you won since you started the tenure?", he asked. By the time he finished ministering, every of our young hearts...

Celebrating Tolubooks

Happy Birthday ToluBooks Arogundade When you talk about books, there is someone that usually comes to mind. Back then when I was new on facebook,...


There is a path that Eagles don't fly in, there is a way that lions don't dare to roar. Even the angels have to...

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