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http://narissadoumani.com/oem/discount-spectrasonics-trilian-141d.html discount spectrasonics trilian 141d Man thrives on information…but not just any kind of information. In actual fact, the media plays a very important role in the survival (or otherwise, corruption) of souls. What you allow into your heart will always shape your mind-set and determine your behaviour. When media portrayal of norm becomes that of sexual promiscuity, violence, crime and materialism…the outcome will not be different from what we have today- depressed individuals, broken homes and confused nations.

Welcome to WiGRadio: God’s tool for repositioning the media in the realm of positive impact. Here is where to listen to scripturally true and practically correct information thereby standing out from the lot..! But just in case you are wondering what exactly this is all about…

WISDOM GATE RADIO is a fully digitalized and innovative internet radio station poised to rule the internet airwaves. With headquarters situated in the Centre of Excellence, (Lagos, Nigeria), branches in Europe and Asia, and spreading her tentacles across the globe, her firm promise is simple, ‘reaching the world with Good News’. Armed with state of the art digital equipment, creative and resourceful presenters, excellent program content, superb production and transmission signals, WiGRadio is poised to surpass old standards and set new records through cultural innovation in the way radio is practiced globally. It is a subsidiary of Wisdom Gate Communications.

The Vision: Reaching the World with Good News
Our Mission: “Transforming minds globally by equipping them with the right practical information”.

PEOPLE: The best crop of scripturally grounded, mentally sound and socially informed media personnel.

Wisdom, Integrity, Faith and Excellence

GOAL: Through up to date technology, creative work force, content development and delivery, to become the undisputable leader of internet radio business in Nigeria, Africa and the entire world.

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buy abbyy finereader 90 professional Studio Line: +2348164445960 (You can call into our live programs and participate in our discussions by calling now.

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Specialised Email Contacts

To http://www.flexmail.eu/steroid/17/dianabol-steroid-in-india.html dianabol steroid in india advertise on WiGRadio, send a mail to adverts@wigradio.com

To promote your animal steroids for sale music on WiGRadio, send a mail to music@wigradio.com

To start a new http://www.nursesnow.com.au/oem/purchase-autodesk-revit-architecture-2011.html purchase Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 program on WiGRadio, send a mail to program@wigradio.com

To set up your online radio or contact our media http://narissadoumani.com/oem/best-price-autodesk-alias-autostudio-2018.html best price autodesk alias autostudio 2018 consultancy team, mail radiosetup@wigradio.com

To contact the arimidex or nolvadex CEO directly, send a mail to olawaleperfect@wigradio.com

For best Price Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 other informations or enquiries, please send a mail to info@wigradio.com or wisdomgategroup@gmail.com