Some people spend many years on planet earth without asking an important question. One of the greatest questions a man can ask himself is why am I on earth? If you refuse to ask yourself that question,  you would only live the average life but when you sincerely ask yourself that question,  then you are on the journey to self discovery.




One important truth of life is that WE ARE NOT HERE TO PLAY. Those who do not discover why they are on earth will end up spending a large chunk of their time playing. The “WHY” of your life is not determined,  it is discovered.

How can you discover this “Why” of your existence? That is one of the things Mr Olawale Perfect (CEO,  WiGRadio, WiGTV, WiG Properties) would be sharing at the next episode of Eagles Conference 102 taking place on Saturday 11th June 2016. You don’t have any excuse why you should miss it.

This program which is powered by School of Attitude under the leadership of Mr. Emanuel EagleLove would hold at Caynik Model College, Abule Iroko, Ajegunle. School of Attitude is committed to raising teens and youths to scale new heights.



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