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watch With the past and ongoing outbreak of gang violence in the northern Nigeria which has ended the lives of many, it’s no more a secret to know that the security situation in West Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, is in a volatile state.

source url Now, cattle thieves launch reprisal attacks on villages, where security forces are battling to contain cattle-rustling gangs and of course with no defense system for the poor villagers.

buy clomid and metformin online What can we do? Nigeria is multi-ethnic and multi-religious with many different religious denominations within Christianity and Islam, which happens to be the two dominant religious groups.
However, from a religious point of view, Boko Haram and other radical Islamist groups are the biggest threat to religious pluralism. Therefore, the recent terrorist attacks by Islamists aren’t a surprise because Boko Haram is intent on spreading Islamic jihad in Nigeria.

What should we do?

Nigeria is battling an array of security threats across the country.
The report has it that a minimum of 9,000-11,500 Christians have been killed, that 1.3 million Christians have fled their homes since the year 2000, and that 13,000 churches have been closed or destroyed altogether.

What does God expect us to do as Christians?

CAPRO presents July’s edition of Reignite, this time with a theme tagged  cheap clomid usa pharmacy ‘The Unending Cycle Of Violence In Northern Nigeria’

go to link Date: Sunday, 1st July, 2018 Time: 5:00PM – 7:30PM

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Don’t miss a chance to experience a turn around encounter with God. Come and experience a fresh Reignite with the Lord, Come prepared to pour out your hearts to God because we are assured that God would never abandon his own.

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