go here If there is one program that has blessed listeners so much on WiGRadio last year, it is Monumental Success. People were greatly blessed by the weekly broadcast by God’s vessel Gbenga Samson. There was a lot of emotions as the program went on hold last year. Why would such a program come to an end? It was God’s instruction to the host (Gbenga Samson) and when God speaks, a man of the Spirit must obey. Waiting on the Lord, anticipating and trusting God for instructions, we have good news! MONUMENTAL SUCCESS IS BACK!!!

Monumental Success Season I was a great blessing to several lives across the world. In one of the sessions, Gbenga Samson said, we cannot use Forbes standard to define success. We use the word of God and the will of God to define true success. It is this kind of success that is rooted in God’s plan and purpose that we call monumental success. ¬†In this season II of Monumental Success, God is set to bring you practical teachings on Success according to God’s word and you can be sure season II would be much hotter than Season I so stay tuned to WiGRadio every Tuesday at 9:00am (GMT+1). You can tune in to WiGRadio via or download the mobile app

You can download each episode of Monumental Success here

Episode 1: Responsible Success

Episode 2: Get out of the box

Episode 3: Breaking Mental Boxes

Episode 4: Success is about Money

Episode 5: Breaking the Breakthrough Mentality

Episode 6: Breaking the Breakthrough mentality II: Faith is not lazy

Episode 7: Work does not guarantee wealth

Episode 8: Turning your work into worship

Episode 9: Turning your work into worship II (Fruit of the Spirit)

Episode 10: Turning your work into worship III (A lifestyle of truth)

Episode 11: The Fear of Death

Episode 12: The Fear of Failure

Episode 13: The Fear of Success

Episode 14: The box of Pride

Episode 15: Ownership vs Stewardship 

Episode 16: The fear of pain

Episode 17: The fear of pleasure

Episode 18: The fear of the past

Episode 19: The fear of the present

Episode 20: The fear of tomorrow

Episode 21 The box of unbelief

Episode 22: The box of unbelief (same as episode 21)

Episode 23: Beyond Desires (Lust of the flesh)

Episode 24: Beyond Vision (Lust of the eyes)

Episode 25: Beyond Vision II (Don’t trust your eyes)

Episode 26: Beyond Vision III (Look past life’s difficulties)

Episode 27: The pride of life

Episode 28: Spiritual Pride

Episode 29: The box of works

Episode 30: The box of Grace

Episode 31: Life beyond the box

Pastor Gbenga on WiGRadio


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