what is a bitcoin mining card Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom. Wisdom is always crying out on the roof top for men who would listen. This wisdom is practical and can be applied to our daily living. There is a bank of Wisdom where you can make a withdrawal. That bank is the scripture (the word of God). Join Olawale Perfect (Wisdom Bank Branch Manager) every day at 8:00am (GMT+1) for 20 minutes of insightful withdrawal from the word of God. The bank opens only on week days (Monday to Friday)Wisdom Bank Graphic If you missed any Episode of Wisdom Bank, you can use your ATM Card to download some of the previous Episodes of Wisdom Bank by clicking any of the links below 17 things you must do before 2017 Part 1: Review your Association (Monday 21st Nov 2016)

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here Faith Series: What are you seeking in God (31st August 2016) Faith Series: Receiving strength to birth ideas (29th August 2016)

see Faith Series: Faith for Skipping Death (25th August 2016) 

Binary options broker no deposit bonus green room Faith Series: Faith for Giving (24th August 2016)

Is options trading a zero sum game Faith Series: Faith for creation (23rd August 2016)

Revelation Series: Staying in the mercy of God (15th August 2016)

Revelations Series: Miracles alone are not enough (13th August 2016)

Revelation Series: We have but a short time (12th August 2016)

Revelation Series: Let God be the king of your domain (11th August 2016 )

Revelation Series: Preach the Gospel (10th August 2016)

Revelation Series: God want to preserve you (9th August 2016)

Revelation Series V: The lamb is worthy (5th August 2016)

Revelation Series IV: The lifestyle of worship(4th August 2016)

Revelation Series III: The letter to the Laodicean Church (3rd August 2016)

Revelation Series II: This letter was written to you (2nd August 2016)

Revelation Series I: Be a doer of the word (1st August 2016)

Let your words be seasoned with salt (28th July 2016)

Set your affection on things above (27th July 2016)

Inter-dependency in Ministry (22nd July 2016)

Boldness and Access to God (21st July 2016)

Saved by Grace (20th July 2016)

That your eyes of understanding may be enlightened (19th July 2016)

How to stand strong (18th July 2016)

Do not be selfish (15th July 2016)

What is your battle plan? (14th July 2016)

My ways are not your ways (13th July 2016)

Leave the status quo (4th July 2016)

Forget all that (1st July 2016)

The Diligent worker (13th June 2016)

Forget all that (1st June 2016)

Happy Children’s Day (27th May 2016)

Beware of covetousness (Thursday 26th May 2016)

Peace be still (Tuesday 24th May 2016)

Teach us to number our days (Monday 23rd May 2016)

Act Immediately (Thursday 19th May 2016)

Arise and Shine (Tuesday 17th May 2016)

15 things you should do before age 30 (Part 2 discussion)

Touch not my anointed (Wednesday 11, 2016)

More than Conquerors (Monday 9, May 2016)

Soul Winning is the attribute of Love (Friday 6, May 2016)

Attributes of Love (Thursday May 5, 2016)

15 things you should do before age 30 (Family Discuss)

Prayer still works (Wednesday May 4, 2016)

Let love be your motivation (Tuesday May 3, 2016)

DEEP CONVICTIONS (Monday May 2, 2016)

How to respond to challenges (April 25, 2016)

Don’t take the glory that belong to God (August 19, 2016)

Faith for creation (August 23, 2016)

Giving with faith (August 24, 2016)

Faith for the future (August 26, 2016)


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