SHARE You were designed on purpose, planned and timed to be here. You need to look beyond what you see, look inside you, there are countless treasures beneath your skin, you have unimaginable ability within you. YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE, YOU ARE NOT AN AFTER-THOUGHT, GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU…YOU RE NOT HERE BY CHANCE! You were born to be different; out of over 7billion people in the world, nobody shares your finger print…you are irreplaceable. Nobody can be you or do things you do like you; you are different on purpose, distinct by design, you’re not a biological mistake.

Buy diflucan one canada The way you look, the way you speak, the way you think, your passion and and your turn-offs are unique to you and you alone. It is a rare pleasure for anybody to know you, they are privileged to be close to you, a true and only copy of your kind.

source link God created us different so that He can express Himself through each one of us. You are an expression of God’s variety, you are beautifully crafted for your assignment.

Dangers du faux viagra BORN TO BE DIFFERENT!

get link Don’t forgo your dreams just because many people have the same pursuit. Don’t stop believing in your gifts, just because many others have similar endowment. You’re indispensable!
You are needed and highly necessary for the world to be complete and become a better place. Your success, happiness and satisfaction in life will emerge when you accept yourself. It’s time to love yourself and start running along the lane that was pre-designed for you by God.

Thread binary options need some help YOU ARE GOD’S GIFT TO THE WORLD…wrapped in a box of unusual personality and extraordinary

get link Do you discern the gift of God in you, do you value your special ability?
There’s something you have that can bless many. There’s something you know that millions are begging to be taught. There’s a dream in your heart that is answers to some people’s prayers
You can be the fulfilment of someone’s prophecy…it’s time to stand out of the crowd!
Your life is too small to be the only reason for your existence. Live for others, share your life with others, someone somewhere needs your gift, your smile, your kindness and your creativity.
You are a solution to some people’s problem. You are a leader to some group. You are the author of some books, and your readers are ready and waiting. Touch the hearts around you, with what you got.

Approved generic viagra Appreciate the gift of God in your life; when you despise the gift, you disrespect the giver!
All you need is make yourself available for the next task or person that requires your giftedness.
Your life is God’s gift to someone somewhere.


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