Do you have a generator at home or at work? Then you need to read this. Those who sell petrol will not want you to know about this but its too late for them, you are already reading it. I only hope you will do something about what you are reading.

An average family spend about N20,000 on petrol in generator monthly
A small scale business in Nigeria spend about N30,000 on petrol monthly
This amounts to a total of N50,000 and about N600,000 annually and this is why those who sell petrol do not want you to read this because you would be able to save a lot of money and use it for other things that matters to you.

Vanguard (2013), estimate that Nigerian Manufacturers, small scale businesses and families spend an average of N3.5 trillion annually to power their generating sets with diesel and petrol. What a huge waste of resources.
What would you do if I tell you a way to spend one third of the amount you spend presently on petrol and still generate stable power supply that would power your generator for your home and small business?

What if I told you that we can power your generator with gas and you will not need to go and queue at the petrol station again or pay the extra amount they charge you for kegs at the petrol station. I will tell you about it anyway because it is my responsibility to tell you the good news that will take you from where you are to where you ought to be.

One of the things that made me scared of business in Nigeria before now is the amount spent on petrol to keep running but I no longer worry now because WiGas brought the solution. That is what we use to power our generator at Wisdom Gate Radio and it has been very cost effective and safer so we can now spend the excess cash on other areas of our business and ministry. Wouldn’t you want to enjoy such privileges too? WiGPower system is the secret!
With a 12.5kg filled cylinder, you can generate up to 150 hours of Power on your 2.5KV generator. It is five times cheaper and more efficient than petrol. The technology works in such a way that you can switch from gas to petrol at any time.

Now that I have told you about it, you can do either of two things. You can choose to keep spending money on petrol and adding to the wastage culture of our country, or you can decide to call me now to get your generator working on gas. For more information, please call or whatsapp us on +2348039701132 or send a mail to

WiGPower system … Providing Alternative Power for Africa … We are not here to play! Frequently Asked Questions about WiGPower Gas Generator

go here Is it possible to power a generator with Gas?
Yes, it is a technology used in developed countries to power engines because gas is cheaper than petrol and diesel.

How does it work?
You will need a converter which is what we are selling and installing on your generator. Is it safe to use?
It is very safe to use and does not pose any threat to human or animal life. That is what we use at our office and some people have been there to see it at work.

follow url How long can it last?
Depending on the amount of load you use on it, you may get up to 150 hours of consumption for low power consumption appliances but when you increase the number of appliances on it, this increases the gas consumed and can reduce the number of hours but it is still up to 5 times more economical than petrol

cytotec induction What precautions should be maintained in using it?
The normal precautions you would maintain when using a normal generator or gas like do not allow children play around it, then avoid gas leakages but most important is that there should be some distance between the gas cylinder and the generator. We solve this by using a long hose which ensures a longer distance between the generator and the hose.

buy cytotec online fast delivery What kind of appliances can it power?
It can power the same appliances that your generator could power normally. Note if you use refrigerator with your generator normally, then it would power it. However if you do not use it before, do not use it on the gas please.

generic clomid cheap What can I do when the gas gets exhausted/how often do I need to fill the gas?
You can detach the gas cylinder and get the gas filled at any gas station closest to you. A 12.5kg cylinder is filled for about 2500 naira and that is the only charges you would get to pay afterwards. We do not need to help you do this. You can fill it yourself and keep your generator working. How would I start the generator after it is connected with Gas?
You would still start it the normal way by pulling it with a rope or starting it with a key depending on the type of generator you are using. How often can I use the generator?
As often as possible but we would recommend you allow your generator rest after using it for up to 6hours to allow the generator last longer.

order zithromax online canada How can I prevent gas leakages?
We make use of very thick hose if we are the one installing it from the scratch. We also ensure the use of very tight Clio to avoid every form of leakages. However, if you notice weakening of the hose at any point in time, you can change the hose to avoid leakages Can I use it with all generators?
You can only use it for a generator that is about 2.0KV and above. It cannot work with the local “I better pass my neighbour” generator

buy cytotec 200mcg What kind of gas cylinder can I use with it?
You can use any kind of gas cylinder with it depending on the capacity of your Generator. A 12.5Kg gas cylinder can comfortably power a 2.5V generator. If you already have a gas cylinder you use for cooking at home, you can also use it

follow link How can I maintain it?
There is no special maintenance procedure other than the usual maintenance of your generator and servicing it from time to time the way you do when you were on petrol generator. Do I need to buy another generator?
You do not need to buy a new generator if you already have a generator

go to site Would it cause noise or air pollution?
While petrol would cause smoke, the gas generator will not cause any form of smoke or air pollution. It would also not cause any noise pollution.

Can I still use it with petrol afterwards?
You can switch back to petrol at any point in time if you no longer want to use gas.

go to link Can you you install the converter for me outside Lagos?
we will be willing to come to any part of Nigeria to install the converter for your generator.

How much would it cost for you to install the converter for me?
You can call our office or send a Whatsapp message to us on +2348039701132 to find out our current installation prices.


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