follow Oluwatosin Aina popularly referred to as“Apprehend”  drops his much anticipated single titled ‘Tani Mole Fiwe?” This song brings a new wave of worship to all who desires to worship the Almighty God! It’s a beautiful blend of rock! Click here to download Tani Mole Fiwe?

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go here The heavens for height and the Earth for depth but the greatness of the Lord is unsearchable. He dwells in excellent light; He does everything according to the counsel of His will.

Click here to download Tani Mole Fiwe?

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follow Many have come saying, ‘I am He’ but they have faded away; only God remains the same forever more. At a point in life, a true worshipper of God gets to a stage that it becomes clear that only one person matters most– Jesus!

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follow Click here to download Tani Mole Fiwe?

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