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I saw the way he was worshiping God and I knew there was something different about this brother even though I could not explain it. The only explanation I could think of was the presence of God upon his life that made him a worshipper and not an entertainer. That was more than 7 years ago when I knew him back in my undergraduate fellowship.

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Fast forward to today… The manifest presence of God is still so awesome upon him. That was the thoughts on my heart as I watched him minister along side Pst. Chris Delvan some weeks ago. His song SUPREME GOD has been blessing me and I keep listening to it again and again. He was sharing a testimony with me about a pregnant woman who was listening to the song had her baby dancing and came out in safe delivery even when the doctor’s report said otherwise.

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When he was live on Praise and Passion with OD on WiGRadio, it was an awesome time of worship  as lives of listeners were blessed from different parts of the world with several callers who had been blessed by God’s anointing upon Samson Ganvo over the years.

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This is one song you would want to listen to again and again as Ganvo Samson brings praise to God in the contemporary way that would keep you dancing .


You can contact Samson Ganvo on Social Media by clicking any of the following links.




You can also call him on +2348024425628 or  +2348143558619 or mail  He is available to minister in any part of the world.

Click here to Download SUPREME GOD

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