Are you sure you will find happiness and fulfillment in what you’re pursuing?
If you’re optimistic you will, then keep working towards it without waiting for the approval of any man.

At 12 years old, Jesus Christ already knew whom He was.
When He stood to argue with the Pharisees, He was not intimidated by their eloquence or prowess in the mosaic doctrines because He knew that their qualifications were not enough to take them to heaven. Even worse, was the fact that they had knowledge without power!

My friends, you have a beautiful life as ordained and concluded by God your Father even before your earthly journey began.
It’s your responsibility to find the path you’ve been created to thread, and live up to God’s expectation of you!

The world anticipates your manifestation!
This is enough proof that you’re not ordinary.
You are not a mediocre!
You are God’s very Best and only the Best will be yours!
So step out from the shadows and let your light shine.


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