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Ready to Give Up?
2020 IS NOT OVER. The plans and the promises of God will yet come true.

I know it’s been a year full of uncertainties, turns and twists. Many of your plans may have been scattered, but be sure God’s plan can never be scattered. He still has you covered, and all things shall plan out for your good.

When God gave the promises for 2020, He knew COVID would happen. We may be shocked by the extent of the impact, He isn’t, He knows the end from the beginning. When He says this is what He will do, then He will do it – COVID can’t stop Him, in fact nothing can.

Listen, don’t let the world condition your expectation, let your expectations be in God and what He has said. Remember ‘A day with the Lord is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like a day‘. Now, don’t be labor yourself with interpretation, it simply means God is not bound or controlled by time as you know it. He doesn’t need ages to do what He has promised, He made time, and operates within and without it.

Don’t cave in, keep faith, 2020 still holds great things, for surely He crowns the year with His goodness. Join me in holding on tenaciously to a wonderful year. It shall end well. I believe, do you? Never quit!

September shall be glorious. WELCOME TO THE NEW MONTH

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