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I attended a program this month. It was a program for young ministers. There were a number of ‘Pastors’ in attendance.

The program was centred on the 7 mountains of influence. There was a panel session. I normally wouldn’t make contributions as I was behind the camera, livestreaming. But something struck me. Something I hate to hear.

The fact that as Christians, we should not create ‘OBVIOUSLY CHRISTIAN CONTENT’. The sirens in my head blared. I raised my hand in response.

I made a few statements which had to do with how we Christians don’t promote already-made Christian content. I mentioned Damilola Mike Bamiloye and how Mount Zion was making relatable movies in recent times. How those movies had nothing to do with ‘ayamatanga’. Lol.
I mentioned some of the movies – THE ACCOUNTANT, ABATTOIR etc.

Many people in the audience agreed with me. I discovered that the man who made the statement didn’t even know any of the works. He just said, ‘the young bamiloye guy is trying but using the name Mount Zion was his undoing.’


Fortunately for him, time was up. We would have started another panel session entirely because I was ready for him (with facts). He was of the opinion that Christians should play in the field of the world.

Since the advent of personal and accessible social media channels, I have observed that most Christians don’t share other Christian content. Now, I’m a Christian content creator but this isn’t even about whether you share my content or not. This is more about recognising that you’re part of a greater body. I try to share as much as I can.

There were some season movies that trended(not Christian.e.g Money Heist). The reason why they trend is because the intensity with which the mov”ie was shared was high. I got to know about a number of movies from the whatsapp status of some of my ‘christian’ friends. Now, these people would never share any Christian movie.

I don’t have a right to tell you what to post on your status. But I hope you know that some of these movies you’re helping to trend are movies that push an agenda. E.g the homosexual agenda. You can’t be helping the kingdom of darkness to propagate their own message while you leave the message of the kingdom you claim to belong to.

I don’t also have a right to tell you what movies to watch but if you’re really serious about your relationship with God and you’re sure about your heavenly citizenship, you’ll go for content that edify your spirit, not corrupt it. It’s either of the two. If it’s not edifying it, then it’s corrupting it. There’s no in between.

If you also claim to be a member of the body of Christ, then you should do what will benefit the entire body.

If all Christians decide to promote, repost our own content, I tell you, we will top the trend tables. We will win more souls. We have the numbers. If we do our jobs and help spread, promote, share Christian content, you’re helping to establish God’s kingdom here on earth.

You may not have been called to be a content creator but you can help spread the content. You never know who you might be blessing. Organise free film shows in your area where young ones can gather to watch while you provide free meals or popcorn. Collaborate with missionary bodies (I mean real missionaries who are going to the interior regions). Help spread the gospel. Not only on Sundays.

You can use your finance to sponsor Christian film makers.

If you think this doesn’t concern you, I tell you, you’re not ready for what’s coming. And it might be too late by then.

Even the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine tells a lot about this. You may not understand. The church Apostle Paul fought for, the Ephesians church doesn’t exist again because the Christians were busy doing other things.

Satan is not resting. He’s working overtime now on young people. So you shouldn’t rest. Remember, a soul just might be depending on you. Are you playing your part?

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