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Best Of Worship Season 7


The best way can Worship God is for us to Worship him in spirit, worship the Lord with Joy, come before him with happy song, Don’t let yourselves be led away from the Lord Worship and serve other God’s. One thing i have desired of the Lord that will I seek that i May dwell in the house of the Lord ,all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to Inquire in the temple, is your desire, then don’t think of loosing out this Friday happening live in the city of Lagos is the Best of Worship Season 7

Date: 23rd November, 2018 at RCCG Church of the Firstborn, Lagos Province 28,
11-15 Ogudu GRA, Iyana-Oworonshoki Expressway, beside Total Fueling Station, Lagos,Nigeria from 19.00 hours (7pm) till dawn!

Ministering :

Invite family and friends!


GOD will be there with His Entourage, please be there!!!
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Revolutionizing Research In The Jet Age

Do you know RESEARCH is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what no one has thought?

Have you ever thought how would the world have been without any development of technology or anything?

Research which is not limited to any one sector but has been done for almost every sector including technology, healthcare, defense, precautionary steps against natural calamities and also to the society at large.

“Human needs never end”

Believe it or not, but it is the truth. We have been habituated to adaptability to new things, as our desires and wants increases day by day.

As our demands increases, the requirement of research also rises. It can also be said that research is what that makes our lives easier. It is just the result of the curiosity or anew new innovative idea.

When we have any problem, get an idea or are confused by many questions what do you think will the next big thing?

It will nothing but research. This helps us in many ways and is a complete solution to humans. Now when we humans, are satisfied without any problems, this results in the advancement of the society. So research overall helps in the advancement and development of the society.

You will definitely agree with me that the role of research cannot be over emphasized. But as useful as it may seem, there are of course some processes involved in putting facts together plus the logistics. How do researchers finance the rigorous processes involved in looking deeply to a common subject and bring about change in a field? 

Join us tomorrow 25th of October for Revolutionizing Research Financing In The Jet Age a gathering of academicians, researchers, university administrators, international donors and students at Afe Babalola Hall, University of Lagos, Akoka by 10:30am with host EAPH Unilag.

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IFT 2018 – Student with Difference


Generally, one could easily agree that “student” life is not an easy one at all.

This is because in school, we are faced with so many challenges ranging from finances to wears/clothing, peer pressure, study group, lecture periods, fellowship, and the likes that we mostly don’t even have time for any leisure talk more of making little money.

Most students sometimes are caught in between upholding both their studies and God seriously. Because lectures can be tedious a times, we end up having little or no time for God or sometimes, people spend all the time on God and forget about studies..

Here at the Instructions for the Tertiary (IFS), with theme ‘Students with a difference’, students will be taught how to joggle making money and studying and still make good grades and also make out time for God. This is to say that the things they’ll be taught will enable them come out in flying colors, make money and still live a pure and holy live on campus.

The program is packaged with interesting sessions like, career success, Entrepreneurship for students, vision sexual purity, and Godliness. With all these joined together as one, the once hard student life can now be made easy because God is involved.

Instructions For The Tertiary. . .preparing student to live purposefully on campus.

Host: Oluwatobi Adesanya (Founder Relevance Initiative) Date: Saturday, 27th October, 2018. Time: 10am. Venue: Eternal Hall, Beside Lado Oil, Cele Egbe Bus Stop. Featuring: Career Success, Entrepreneurship For Students, Vision, Sexual Purity and Godliness.

This program will be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of the world via or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android via WiGRadio Android App or visit


Dream Big And Succeed Summit


Global means relating to or involving the entire world impact. A marked effect or influence making a global impact looks different to everyone because everyone has different values, belief system, ways of reasoning and resources, you can make a global impact depending on what is important to you.

Look around you and you’ll see three kinds of people — those who hate their work and complain bitterly, those who just tolerate their work and see it as a pay check and are not looking for more (or feel they can’t have more) , and finally, those who love their work and relish it. The third category is small subjects of all professional globally but this group stands out because those are most often the people who change the world for the better and making global impact. People who positively impact the world globally are those who dedicate themselves to what gives their life meaning and purpose, they commit to continually making themselves better in other to help other people globally.

People who make global impact invest their time, and energy not in what is but what can be. How will you like to join these set of people to making global impact

Join us this Saturday for Dream Big and Succeed a Global Conference 2018.

Host: Pastor Sunday Ezekiel
Date: Saturday 27th Oct 2018
Address: Eco Event Centre,
64, Idimu Road Beside Primatek plaza, Mokola B/stop, Egbeda.
Time: 10:00am.
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Fresh Fire 2018


I can’t remember the last time I saw someone who liked stale bread, as in someone who doesn’t like fresh bread. You’d agree here that even if you are or you knew someone who does like stale bread, you’d agree that it’s a little bit weird.

Well, for more reasons than one, many would refuse to take stale bread. What to do if God decides to give us the options of experiencing Him afresh or remain on the mountains we’ve always been for long? Wouldn’t you rather experienced Him afresh? Wouldn’t you rather come for Fresh Fire to Experience the God of All Flesh?

What’s the delay? Lets all mark our calendars and link up for: Fresh Fire 2018 Themed GOD OF ALL FLESH Date: Sunday 28th October, 2018 Time: 3:30 p.m. GMT +1/WAT VENUE: AG Fishers of Men Centre, 51/52, Ijaiye road beside UBA Ogba, Lagos.

Host: Apostle Chinedu Ezeneche

Featuring: Worship, Word, Wonders.

Ministering: Pascal Music, Minister Paul and Apostle Chinedu Ezeneche

Supported by: AG Fishers of Men

This program will be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of the world via or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android via WiGRadio Android App  or visit

Come, let’s encounter God!

Love Festival – DHIC


Are you a single lady, guy or married man or woman with questions such as the ones below at the forefront of your mind?

How can my relationship with my spouse work according to God’s purpose? Love is one key to success in marriage but gaining knowledge is the master key to unlimited success in marriage from life experiences and the word of God. The scripture says in Proverbs 18:22 – Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favor of the LORD.

As a single lady or guy knowing fully well that 1 Corinthians 7:32 says that unmarried careth for the things that belong to the LORD, how he may please the LORD;

You want to know how your relationship can go far with God while still single? or you are in a relationship and it is not working out! Perhaps relationships with opposite sex does not just seem to work.

Join us this Sunday for ‘Love Festival: Relationship Conference for Singles and Married’ a program that is set to enlighten, inform and transform your live as a single or married person.

Featuring is Before You Say I Do, How You Can Maximize Marriage, Special Prayers, Comedy and Raffle Draw. To participate, send your names and phone numbers to +2348182222016.

Host Abiodun and Philo Oso.
Date: Sunday 28th October, 2018. Venue: Unilag Main Auditorium behind Senate building, University of Lagos Akoka, Yaba, Lagos. Time: 9am.

This program will be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of the world via or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android via WiGRadio Android App  or visit