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by *Opeyeoluwa Lawal

Service was over in Dominion Methodist Church. Members left the church through different exits. The Western door most importantly. It was the biggest exit. The Pastor greeted some of the church members as the left. Church members sat in groups discussing and exchanging pleasantries.

Some members sat in clusters. Like they were having meetings. Some groups had one or two members addressing them.

The discussions were not left to those in the church auditorium alone. Three ushers in the counting room count and discuss.

Usher 1: So this is the amount that she can drop as tithe. Some people will not make heaven o.

Usher 2: Lemme see…How much did she drop?

Usher 1: Thirty thousand o.

She shows her the cheque of N30,000.

Usher 2: Ehn ehn…with all those pictures from dubai. So its only 300,000 she got there. O ga o. A trip to Dubai costs nothing less than 500k. So, does this mean she spent over 500k to get 300k?

Usher 1: That one na lie. When the money is not clean. She knows she can’t deceive God. Maybe she gave a tithe of the clean one.

Usher 2: Ha. She cannot deceive me too o. I saw all the pictures.

Usher 3: Hmmm. Steward Sade. What is your business o? Are you God? It’s between she and God na.

Usher 1(steward Sade): No o. Dont tell me that one o. The Bible says God cannot be mocked.

Usher 3: So, are you fighting for Him? You’re now God defender?

Usher 2: God defender? How? We can judge. Paul said it. What’s that Bible passage again o?

Usher 1: That’s it. When someone is not paying correct tithe, you you’re saying rubbish here. Did God not say one tenth? Is this one tenth?

Usher 3: Chief judges. May God have mercy on you both.

Usher 2: Even you too. Look, in case you don’t know, which you know sef, I pay my tithe regularly, nothing missing.

Usher 1: plus, it’s a clean source of income. Some of us don’t sell our bodies to make money.

Usher 3: My God! How do you know all these? And that’s what will take you to heaven abi?

Usher 1 (steward Sade): of course. The Bible says , God will open the windows of heaven. So, heaven is assured for us.

Usher 3: Your mates want to go through door, you, you want to go through window.

Usher 2: Is it your window? To make heaven is the koko. We are obedient children of our father.

Usher 3: And you think this your gossip, spite and judgemental attitude does not matter? You pay tithe, yet you backbite and you think that window will open?

Usher 1: please, what is your own sef? We were talking and you came to meddle. Are you not a sinner too?

Usher 2: We are all sinners o, my sister.

Usher 3: It is well. I think you guys should repent. You Know I am saying the truth. Admit and repent. You have been given this assignment as a privilege, not for you to monitor people’s income and tithes. Or if the moment they’re giving to God is clean or not. You’re a royal steward. So, you shouldn’t take it for granted. I’ll be on my way now. See you guys next Sunday.

Both ushers remain quiet, pensive. Of course, they knew she was right.  They knew she spoke from the word of God. 

Don’t take your graces for granted.

Do you think the two ushers did anything wrong?

Are you a modern day Pharisee?

What grace has God given to you that you have taken for God?

What grace have you played god with?

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to wrote to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

Follow ope on IG : @opestarlawal
Facebook: opeyeoluwa opestar Ajayi
Twitter: @opeyeoluwalawal

Enjoy and leave your feedback and lessons. God bless you.

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Noooo!!! She screamed as she stood abruptly from the bed sweating profusely. You wouldn’t believe the air condition had worked throughout the night. She had the nightmare again. The fourth day in a row. It’s obvious they were becoming more recurrent.

Who is this man that had been chasing her? This man that wanted to have carnal knowledge of her!
She couldn’t take it anymore.
Mojirade Benson was a perfectionist of the highest order. She was in her late twenties and was already enjoying a successful career as a banker. She was beautiful, tall and rich. She had made a good living for herself.

For her, family had never been a priority because she didn’t have the time to invest in one. She had a career ladder to climb. She had targets and deadlines to meet. Through her high-paying job, she had become acquainted with the cream-de-la-cream of the society. They were her ‘customers ‘who brought in large amounts to the bank and that had earned her quick promotions. She had used ‘what she had’ to increase her worth and that of Firestorm Bank. She was living well.

Or was she?

A mansion to herself and two cars wasn’t bad after all with allowances to cover wardrobe, kitchen, relaxation, security and even a vacation to any country of her choice twice a year.

She rolled off the duvet that had kept her not-so-warm through the night and curled into a ball by the corner of her bed. The duvet didn’t provide enough warmth against the cold she felt at the moment. She felt cold and at the same time was sweating profusely.

‘What is the meaning of all these?’ She asked herself wide-eyed. She put her head in her hands and began to cry. ‘Why is this happening to me?’
She stood up and went to the bathroom. It was a luxury bathroom with matching shower curtains and wall. The tiles were Italian exotic. It was big enough for a primary school classroom. She stood in front of the sink and stared into the mirror. Usually, she would admire how beautiful she was but this time around, she could only see how older she looked. Work was telling on her. Or could it be the now-constant dream-chaser?

She settled for the second option because work had never been a problem. She was natural at it. She opened the tap without looking at it. Fresh water! She washed her face, turned off the tap and went back to her room. She put on the light.

Moji’s room was really big and spacious; it was enough to serve a family of eight without any disturbances. She moved to the gigantic brown leather sofa that was in the room and sat down.
She took her remote from the coffee table and turned on the TV. Maybe something from there would get her mind off her problems now. A movie was going on. She didn’t pay rapt attention as her thoughts were deep and heavy even though she recognized the characters.

She switched her mind for a minute and noticed that the movie was about a poor couple who were indeed happy.
Does one have to be poor to be happy? She thought.
Definitely, she couldn’t switch her life with theirs. Besides, how was she sure they were not having the same dreams. She was very sure of the fact that she would not close her eyes till the break of dawn.

She thought of her family as she always did. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. ‘The number you’re trying to dial is switched off, plea…’ she hissed and cut the call. ‘arrrrggghhhh’. It was just 2:14am. Her mum was sure to still be asleep.

Moji became lost in thought as the characters in the Tv talked on. The deafening silence reminded her that she lived an isolated life. She lived alone in her mansion except for her driver who lived in the gate-house and the cook who occupied the boys’ quarters. Such a lonely life.

There and then, as nature would have it. She dozed off.

What do you think about Moji?

Is it wrong to have and build a career?

Who do you think is this man chasing Moji?.

Find out in the next chapter…

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to wrote to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

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Facebook: opeyeoluwa opestar Ajayi
Twitter: @opeyeoluwalawal



And there she went again as the tall, fair and handsome new accountant walked past her at the reception. She couldn’t help but think he was avoiding her. Maybe he had noticed the way she looked at him. Or was it so obvious she was head over heels in love with him?

There was an air of friendliness he had around him when he first joined the company – ENNAD GROUP. That air of friendliness was no longer there. That was not her concern right now. She admired every bit of him and wished him for herself. His dressing was impeccable. He remembered names. He smelt so damn good. He opened doors for her whenever they met at a particular door stop. To top it up, he was a Christian. Romantic Christian man.  What else was there to want in a man? He was a complete gentleman.

‘But he’s married’, she could hear her conscience say.

Even though she found out he was married. I mean he wore a wedding band. That made him all the more attractive. Fine, young and married showed that he was a responsible man. And she loved responsible men. He would be responsible to her. She clutched the file she had in her hands to her chest. Funsho Beecroft was the bomb.

‘Hey Funsho’. She said. Smiling beyond her usual smile. Their company policy was to address one another on first name basis. She had to look attractive. She wondered if his wife was more beautiful than she was. Oh! How she would love to see what his wife looked like so she would know how to beat her at her game.

‘Hello Shade. How are you today?’ He said adjusting his tie. She was literally melting. He was on his way upstairs. If not, he would have gotten the door for her and sweep her away again.

‘I’m fine, thank you.’ She responded blushing. Usually she would play hard to get for those brothers. This one, hard-to-get can pass.

She pushed the door and straight to her desk she went. Her legs could hardly carry her. She stared at the computer screen lost in thought of him going down on one knee telling her he couldn’t do life without her. How he was captivated by her beauty and couldn’t stop thinking about her. She fantasized him popping the big question.  Of course! She said yes. Fast forward, they were walking down the aisle. Fast forward, they were lodged in a hotel suite in South Africa and he was about to kiss her as she gently wrapped her arms around his neck. It was going to be the best night ever.

‘Grin…grin…’ The sound of her desk phone brought her back to reality. It was Evelyn, the HR assistant.

‘Hello Shade. You don’t seem to want to pick your desk phone today’ Evelyn asked over the phone.

‘Sorry dear, I was busy with some paperwork.’ She lied. How could she mention she was fantasizing over someone else’s husband?

Evelyn wanted her  to follow up on one of their clients in Abuja.  No one had asked her to contact any clients today and for that she was grateful. She had worked with ENNAD GROUP as an Account Manager for three years. She saw herself rising up the ranks in a short while. She was great with the customers and was handed the portfolio of top clients in the company.

‘Hello, my name is Sade Banjoko from ENNAD GROUP. How are you doing today?’ She got a response from the caller.

She discussed with the client for a few more minutes.

‘Thank you Mike, you would definitely hear from us’. She said confidently. This was a good prospect. It was a done deal. God had been faithful to her in her job and her life in general.

She dialled 921 on her desk phone. ‘Hey Evelyn! It’s a done deal. We meet with them in one week.’ She reported.

All right thanks. I knew you could do it. Evelyn responded. They were confident in her abilities. Not that she did anything special. She just knew God had a hand in it. He convinced the customers. There was nothing too small or too big to be brought before God. Even a job. He was interested.

  She reached out for her call log in her drawer. Filled the call she made in. Then, she reached out for her sticky notes and imputed ‘MEETING WITH MIKE LANDON OF TIK TOK LTD on Monday 31st July by 11am.’ There! She pasted it on her desk. That would remind her.

Just then, she remembered she was yet to have her morning tea. She reached for her drawer to get her travel mug. Her phone buzzed. It was her WhatsApp notification. Her mum had sent her the daily open heavens devotional update. 
About five people sent her the devotional daily but her mum’s meant a lot to her. Spiritual development was priority. She clicked on the pop up notification on her Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Then clicked on her mum’s message. Like an arrow pierced through her heart. She felt her heart beat very fast. Like a child being spanked by her mother. The topic was COVETOUSNESS. Did God send Daddy Adeboye to her this morning?

The text was from Exodus 20:17 Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s house. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife… She heard her spirit read that out as HUSBAND… nor his manservant or maidservant nor his ass nor anything that is thy neighbours.

This man was somebody else’s husband. How could she think of being married to him?

‘Thank you Holy spirit.’ She muttered. The holy spirit that convicted her so that she may not be condemned by the devil. She had been consumed with lust for someone else’s husband. She had been getting promptings but she had not listened. She had been deaf.

She stood up immediately. There was no time to waste. She rushed to the restroom, locking the door behind her, she went down on her knees and said, ‘My father forgive me! I have done this great evil only before you. Forgive me I have sinned against this man and his wife. Have mercy Lord thank you for showing me my wrong. I love you Lord. In Jesus name I have prayed. At that moment, she felt peace within her and walked back to her desk with a deep knowing that she would never cast a lustful glance at that man again.

  Not by power, not by might, but by my Spirit saith the Lord of hosts.


Do you struggle with any form of covetousness? Do you think something that belongs to someone should be yours? God is against this. Especially in this era of social media where you see people with different things flaunting them all over.

It’s time we make amends. Godliness with contentment is great gain..

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to wrote to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

Follow ope on IG : @opestarlawal
Facebook: opeyeoluwa opestar Ajayi
Twitter: @opeyeoluwalawal



Anthonia had always wanted to know where Chioma stayed. Today was a good day. Chioma had accused her of not knowing her hostel since they got accomodation on campus whereas Chioma visited Anthonia often.

Today was a good day. FELLOWSHIP didn’t take long so she had time. They walked all the way to the AguyiIronsi Hall in Memuda University. Chioma stayed in room C405. It was beautifully decorated. They even had a rug in their room.

‘You are highly welcome to our room. Finally, after begging and begging’. Chioma said as she dropped her bag and books on the bed. ‘Please take a seat’.

‘Thanks baby girl and I’m sorry.’ Anthonia responded.

‘Lemme make you something to eat. I’m making noodles tonight.’ Chioma said gleefully.

‘Chef Chioma. Abeg put plenty pepper o.’ Anthonia taunted.

‘That’s me. No wahala.’ Chioma answered as she stooped to bring out her stainless pot from the bottom compartment of her wardrobe.  ‘So, one of my resolutions this year is to get closer to God.’ She continued as she set the electric stove and switched it on. She set a pot of water on it.

“You know, build my relationship with God.” She continued. “I want to be better”.

“Oh okay, Anthonia responded. “That’s a good resolution.”

“And I know you are the best person that can help me with that.”

Anthonia laughs. ‘What makes you say so?’

‘Haba. Be forming there. We both know that your relationship with God is on point.’ She said while breaking a bar of noodles into the pot of boiling water.

‘I hear you. We are all work in progress.’ Anthonia fiddled with her phone. ‘By the way, I don’t think we are friends on Instagram. Can I have your Instagram handle?’ She said trying to change the topic.

‘That’s true o. Give me your phone.’ Anthonia hands her the phone while Chioma typed in her handle in the search tab. She hands Anthonia back her phone.

‘Wow. Only you have more than 2000 followers.’

‘Yes o.’

‘You follow Rihanna.’

“O yes. Bad girl riri.” Chioma said with a proud look.

‘And Kylie Jenner.’ Anthonia responded.

“Yes yes. Need to learn some business principles. That girl is the youngest billionaire. Not naira o. Dollars. What’s not to follow?” Chioma asked.

“Wow. That’s good to hear. A great mentor indeed. She must have worked hard for it.” Anthonia said as she scrolled through Chioma’s pictures on her Instagram page.

“Abi now. Me I follow sabi people. Chioma closes the lid of the pot and sits on the bed.”

“Is there any top celebrity you’re not following you this girl. Anthonia laughs.”

“Hmm. I’m not sure. Except they’ve not given birth to that person.”

“That’s impressive.”

‘Ehen, I was asking you the other time about advancing my relationship with God.’

‘Oh. That’s true. And thank God the Holy Spirit, our lesson teacher has spoken.’

‘Hmm. Holy Spirit, our lesson teacher. I like the sound of that.’

‘Well, He is our lesson teacher. He has just taught us a lesson now. If you have the capacity and time to follow as many celebrities as this, then you can definitely create time to Follow God.’

Just then, her friend’s phone beeped. It was a post notification for Linda Ikeji’s blog instagram handle.

‘Hey!!! Tonto Dikeh and her husband are fighting again.’ Chioma said aloud and surprised.

‘May God deliver them. As I was saying, the same way you put on post notification, that’s the same way you should tune your spirit to Gods frequency. Have a Bible reading schedule and time.’

‘Hmmmm.’ Chioma was fixed.

‘See, in following God, we have to be intentional.  The same way you’re Intentional about following the billionaire Kardashian girl. If you are really serious about building your relationship with him, I think you should even follow people who will remind you of God.’ Anthonia added.

‘Hmmm’. Chioma was speechless. She knew Anthonia would tell her the truth unhindered. It was good to have friends like this.

‘The same way you know what’s trending from Linda Ikeji’s blog, you need to know what God is saying about the present time.’ Anthonia continued.

‘How?’ Chioma asked

‘By the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer. Ours is even better, the Holy Spirit can tell us of things to come.’ she answered.

‘Better than Linda Ikeji’s Blog.’ Chioma say with a look of Eureka on her face.

‘Exactly.’ Anthonia looked impressed. ‘So, I’m clicking on the FOLLOW button to follow you now. So you have one new follower adding up to 2997. Three more people to add up to 3000.’ Anthonia said boldly.

Chioma moved to serve the food on a plate as she put off the hot plate. She opened the pot and the room was filled with the scent of crayfish noodles. She wouldn’t be surprised if her next door neighbors came to knock to have a taste. She was a great cook and they attested to it.

“Let’s look for that Bible passage.” Anthonia said.

She typed in the words ‘FOLLOW ME’ on her Google search tab. She got a number of results.

‘Here it is. Luke chapter 5 verse 27-28. “And after these things he went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he said unto him, Follow me. 28 And he left all, rose up, and followed him.”

‘I had to Google that. Did you see that? Jesus said FOLLOW ME. It is important we follow Jesus. Like we click the button and it doesn’t end there. The same way we log on to Instagram, we must log on to His frequency in prayer and reading the word to know what’s happening in his life.’

“Hmmm”, Chioma listened.

“How often do you log in to your Instagram account?”

“Well, everyday.”


“Almost every hour every day.”

“Very good. That’s how often you must be in tune with God. As you log in almost every hour of the day to see what’s up with your favorite celebrity, so you must check up with God. God is more important to your existence than any celeb.”

The atmosphere in the room changed and they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“This is deep truth Anthonia. I never heard it like this before. If I spend half the time I spend on social media following up to date gists in the world checking in with God, my relationship with God will take a new turn. Lord, help me to practice this.”

“Me too. I need to improve in so many ways.” Anthonia responded. “We all falter but God is a God of many chances. We must keep trying. But this formula works wonders.”

‘Above all, I think I need to have a rethink of these celebrities I follow. Sincerely, most of them do not stand for godly things but rather promote things that are opposite the words of God.”

“You are right.Most of them do not follow God. Why should we follow those who do not follow God”. Anthonia added. She could feel the Holy Spirit working on the heart of them both. “We, are to be the light of the world to them. Not the other way around.”

“Thank you my dear friend.” Chioma said gratefully. “I’ll make amends. I will unfollow some of these people and Follow God. Although not on Instagram as God is not on Instagram.”

They both laugh.

“Our food is getting cold. But first of all, shall we follow God in prayer?” Anthonia said.

Both ladies laugh.

“Dry joke girl”. Chioma responded laughing as they both bow their heads and hold hands in prayer with a new resolve to make their relationship with God better.


Do you follow God with the same intensity with which you follow your favorite celebrities? It’s a personal question I’ve also had to ask myself. And I made amends. I had to unfollow some. God doesn’t want anyone taking His glory. He is a jealous God.

As much as you’re allowed to have human models, it is important that we fix our eyes on the model that will have eternal impact on us. Let’s follow God as we should and watch our relationship with Him move to the next level.

Have you followed God today?

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to write to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

To see other posts and stories by Opeyeoluwa, you can follow her on Instagram via @opestarlawal.



Driving at almost 170km per hour, he knew he wasn’t supposed to, but Kolade was too frantic to stop or even reduce his speed.

There was a woman signaling by the side of the road for him to stop.

He hissed. I’m not stopping for anyone. He had noticed about 5 of those people on the road. They probably wanted to hike a ride..

It was his life. Nobody had a right to tell him what to do. He didn’t owe anybody any explanations.

He didn’t stop to ask for directions. He was there still wondering how long it would take to get there. He knew his way. He was a big boy.

The road started to look confusing. He was running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Darkness loomed.

Where the heck am l?

He checked his  phone network bar. It was empty. He couldn’t call anybody then.

His patience was running out.

There had to be an hotel around here.

He couldn’t even see a glimpse of light anywhere.

He didn’t think the journey was supposed to be this complicated. It shouldn’t be. Thick bushes were on the left and the right. There was no car in sight either.

His fuel tank was on reserve now. The yellow light blinked. Any moment from now, his car would run out of fuel. This was not a good place to trek or to even sleep in a car. About three big birds flew  out of the bush just ahead of him.

Panic turned to fear.

There were strange noises too.

His headlights were getting dim.

There was a silhouette. It looked like…. A man. “I have to approach this man but what if he was a kidnapper. He had to take his chances. He central locked his car, so he felt secure. Kolade pulled up and wound down the window on the passenger side, nodded his head and tried to look tough.

“Kolade…” The old man called.

“What? How on Earth did he know my name?” He thought with his mouth agape. Probably he was hallucinating. He shook his head and said, “Obande village. I’m going to Obande. For a wedding. You have any idea where that is?”

“Are you not Kolade?”

Oh mhen. He said it again.

His heart beat faster than the speed he drove. “Ehhrr..yes… And who are you.”

“The Lord told me to wait here for you that you had missed your way. My house is a distance from here just behind the bushes. It was a task walking up here but the Lord wouldn’t let me be until I came here. He said you needed rescue.”

“Who is the Lord and what does he know about me?”

“The Lord said you are his son and that you’re angry. He said you had missed many road signs along the way because you felt you knew the way. He said you had missed many passengers who were going your way because you wouldn’t ask for directions.”

Kolade felt torn.

“You would have gotten to your destination about 5 hours ago if only you had yielded.”

Did he just say 5 hours? He would have saved fuel, strength and time.  “What can I do sir ?”

“Pay attention to His roadsigns. They are his words to us to guide us on our way. We all are travelers. Without the roadsigns, we get lost. We suffer. We travel in darkness. We enter into the enemy’s zone.”

“There’s a roadsign just behind you that says ‘ENEMY ZONE 30 MINUTES AHEAD’. If the Lord had not prompted me, you’d have headed to a land of no return.  He placed mechanism of asking for directions for you on the way. Those are prayer stops. You stop and pray when you are not sure anymore.”

This man was definitely genuine. Kolade could feel the warmth. There was a sound ahead. It was terrible.

“Hurry, turn your car this direction.” Kolade quickly obeyed. They turned into the bushy area. The old man entered the car as Kolade unlocked the door.

“That was the sound of the enemy. They are looking for prey. They know there will be lost travellers like you. Hence, they capture and do not spare the travellers.”

“Thank you for coming to my rescue.” Kolade felt humbled

Just as they drove a short distance, Kolade noticed a beautiful village.

“Welcome here. You’ll stay here for the night and by morning, I’ll show you your way to Obande village. My wife has made dinner for you.”

“How did you guys know….?”

“The Lord told us, while we prayed…
Prayer is key. The Lord has kept us here for years to rescue travellers from getting to the enemy border. We were once like you. Someone rescued us. And we have been rescuing others. You can turn here. This is my house.”

It was a very simple and homey house. Nothing big but  it was homely.

“You will get fuel tomorrow.”

The old man opened the door. In they went. “Shall we pray?”

Kolade jerked from his sleep covered in sweat. “I could have been killed. Lord have mercy.”

The Lord was clearly warning him. He had stayed too long without praying and seeking directions from the Lord. And the Lord was telling him that he was going towards danger. He had to pray.

Kolade knelt down and said aloud…

In Jesus name…


Have you stayed too long without prayer?

Have you been paying attention to the roadsigns as stated in the word of God?

Have you prayed about that step you’re taking?

Are you watching out for the roadsigns in the word of God?

God loves you and want the best for you. He does not want you to miss your way so commit all your ways to him in prayers.

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to wrote to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

Foursquare Pastor hold service on Whatsapp


Following the lockdown of activities in Lagos State Nigeria due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Pastors and Ministers of the gospel are beginning to explore new media options to carry out the commission of reaching the world with the gospel.

One of such Ministers is Pastor Sam O Salau, the Pastor of Foursquare Gospel Church located at St Finbarrs road, Akoka, Lagos. Since the Church service could not hold, this creative Pastor took the service to WhatsApp where he recently took a life transforming teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit beginning with 10 Common Misconceptions about the Gifts of the Spirit.

People who want to join the WhatsApp group can join via

The first teaching can be listened to on WiGRadio or download on SoundCloud via