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When God Does Not Make Sense


Did I hear God clearly? ‘Not yet time to go back to school? Stay at home? Nurture the vision?’ could this be God’s voice I’m hearing? That was in January 2008. I had just finished my National Diploma program in Lagos State Polytechnic September the previous year. I was seeking God for direction and clarity as regards the year and the next phase of my life. That was when I heard those words. Deep down, I knew that was the Spirit of God speaking to my heart. Only that it was not the kind of thing I would have loved to hear at that time. It doesn’t make too much sense.

He told me to stay back and nurture the kids He had committed to my care. I understood perfectly what He was talking about. I had been committed to teaching the Sunday school, teens class even before I resumed Lagos State Polytechnic and now much more after finishing my ND program. It was in the midst of doing that that I caught a passion beyond just filling a church-assigned role. I saw a gap that needed to be filled; and together with a few friends as crazy as myself, I responded to a nudging within to reach out to those teenagers in very strategic and definite ways.
So when God said to stay with those kids, I understood what He was saying. I needed to nurture & watch over this ‘baby’ lest it die a premature death. It wasn’t easy but the joy of seeing this ‘baby’ grow, develop and become strong kept me going. It would simply be wickedness to leave them at this critical stage.


I couldn’t tell my parents the real reason why I was yet to go back to school. It just wouldn’t make sense to them, especially my dad. I hid under the excuse that I wanted to take some IT training before I got back to school.
It was around this period while I was home that Dynamic Teens Ministry eventually came forth. God did not release me to go back to school until 2010 when I gained admission through UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) to study Computer Sciences in the University of Lagos.

Is there someone reading this going through a situation that seems like God is holding you back? Here are a few thoughts for your consideration. You can take them as the lessons from the above story.

*Find out what is on the heart of God. He most likely has something bigger on His mind that you can conceive right now. God is more than willing to reveal His will to you. He only need you to ask, seek and listen.

*Trust the leading of His Spirit as well as His timing. God understand the details, you don’t. He isn’t boxed by your calendar; NO! To men it doesn’t make sense, even to you. But then, nothing delights the heart of God than simple child-like obedience and trust.

*It’s not about you. I think a lot of times we forget that, or maybe some of us are yet to realize it. It’s all about Jesus; it’s all about the glorification of His name. Eventually you will partake of the joy, the blessings & the glory, but you are not at the centre here. What God is working out is far bigger than your widest imagination. You are simply a tiny piece of His massive eternal jigsaw puzzle. He will eventually work it out for your good, though it may not look like it right now.

So rest my dear; rest in His unchanging and unfailing love for you. Rest knowing that it’s all in His hands, and nothing can go wrong in His hands.
By the way, I forgot to let you know that Dynamic Teens Ministry is now over 7 yrs. This baby has come a long way. In my next post, I will share with you some of the stories, the ordeals of our journey so far. Every glory has a story!

To your fulfilment in destiny.


Toni Olatunji,
President, Dynamic Teens Ministry Int (
Twitter/Instagram : @toniolatunji
Building lives… Shaping culture…



I wonder why nobody takes a break and stop to think about the happenings in our nation. It’s annoying to see things get out of hand or perhaps going out of hand, and still people just talk about it casually and that’s it, that’s the last we hear of cases that are supposed to be treated with utmost attention.

The steps to a better Nigeria begins with you and I doing the right thing at all times. It is said Rome wasn’t built in a day so also the bribery and corruption, the “magomago” in our today politics, the who-knows-who to get a job being the order of the day, the denial of gender and equality bill, the fact that the old people who are supposed to mentor the leaders of tomorrow, become the leaders themselves and the appointing of only family members or close relatives into high rated portfolios didn’t start in a day. Yes, it all started with what we failed to do, what we haven’t done, what we open and close our eyes to.


Why not start like this, every morning when you wake, say it aloud God bless Nigeria and God bless me, the Americans teach their young ones at an early age to say this statement and it goes a long way in doing something in the nation. If we can cultivate this habit and train our young ones and leaders of tomorrow (youths), to say this as often as possible, things would start changing since we are in the era of change. Another factor affecting the “giant of Africa” – Nigeria, is the inability of her authorized authority to combat injustice with the rule of law, instead the most influential get away with whatever he or she has done without anything being done against them. Take for instance the open secret of “swept under the rug” cases of embezzlement of funds meant for the betterment of the living standards of the masses.

Yeah, sure they get hold of these people and they make it look like the minute their case gets to the law court they would be charged with “Misappropriation of Funds” and we believe legal actions would be taken against them immediately but Lo and Behold, its trial upon trail and series of adjournment that would  eventually end the story and the payment of a meager amount of money, taken and given as bail. In all of these, Nigeria gets better by the day.

skyla Anuoluwapo Daniel aka Skyla is an Undergraduate of Ekiti State University. She loves writing about political and gender based issues.

Best of Worship (Season 5)


Where would you be this Friday 18th November 2016? Let’s hook up at Best of Worship

Best of Worship is an annual WORSHIP CONCERT… an international platform for undiluted worship experience!

The maiden edition of BEST Of Worship {BOW} was glorious! The event was covered by Silverbird Television (STV), Dove Media and Ovation Magazine. It was attended by hundreds of worshipers from within and outside the shores of Nigeria. It also had in attendance some notable and worthy ministers of God in persons of the Pastor Adetayo Adetokunbo (Pioneering Pastor of BOW), Kenny K’ore, Gbenga Salako – a gospel singer based in the United Kingdom, and other notable Ministers of God. The first edition recorded spectacular testimonies from numerous attendants to the glory of God.

The second edition was Awesome! It had in attendance, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God-Pastor E.A Adeboye who was ably represented by the Pastor-in-charge of Ogun State Province 4, Pastor H.O Adeyemo. Also in attendance were, the former PICP Lagos Province 28- Pastor Adetokunbo Adetayo, Pastor Kunle Ajayi, RCCG National Praise Team, Olive Tree Choir, Buchi and hundreds of worshipers across Nigeria. The second edition was reported in Nigeria’s national dailies and Silverbird Television. Lives were obviously transformed after the unusual worship experience to the glory of God.

The third edition was indeed a special night of Glory experienced by hundreds of worshipers who expressed uncommon vibes of intense worship unto the most high God. The programme was well attended. Pastor Omotayo Ajiboye, Remi Aluko- a worship leader per excellence, the RCCG Praise Team, Psalmsing, Jesus Diplomat amongst other worship leaders who led the people of God in various worship sessions. Pastor Peter Ogundele and SACO moderated the programme which recorded huge success to the glory of God. The programme was covered and aired by Silverbird Television.

The fourth edition was indeed flabberwhelming to the glory of God!The ambiance of God’s glory was so visible…lives of several worshippers were positively touched. Pastor Ayoola Adeyanju (then PICP LP28, Pastor Tayo Ajiboye-APICP Admin, K’ore,Solo Urete, Remi Aluko, Taiwo Wemimo of RCCG National Praise Team and other Anointed music ministers ushered in God’s glory. Pastor Mayowa Agbede,Pastor Ayo Agbelusi and Pastor Peter Ogundele anchored the programme.


Here comes BOW SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Expect the best of worship ever on the 18th November 2016 @ RCCG Fountain of Life, 34/36 Oluwalogbon Street,Ketu,Lagos,Nigeria,West Africa. from 20.00 hrs till Dawn!

You cannot afford to miss out!!!


This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth via or download WiGRadio mobile app via

Back to Zion


We will use the same tools they used against us to conquer them, we will apply same strategies they used in deceiving, manipulating and carting away our people to get them back. We won’t take them for granted nor handle them carelessly like we previously did, but instead increase our fire force, solidify our strategies and perfect our homework, all to make our tools stronger than theirs.

Yes, they got us through Fashion, they took away clothes from our ladies and replaced them with rags; turned our boys to “corporate prisoners”- zaggers; exchanged female natural hairs with artificial ones, with abnormal and crazy hairstyles for our boys, cum self inflicting beastly marks called tattoo, all to mention a few.

They’ve used the media against us; Music and Movies depicting thuggery, pride, wasteful spending, sensuality, violence, clubbing and partying…empty lyrics, unedifying concepts, naked dressing, crazy fashion, lusty beats and uncountable features corrupting both adults, youths, teens and adolescents.

The internet have been highly perforated, naked girls here and there, unsaturated posts lacking ethical public consideration; pornography made a free commodity, trading the destinies of our supposed future leaders in destruction supermarkets.

Politics has turned to lucrative business enterprises, those in its market have decided not to go back home, making those at home struggling to join, hoping not to return as well. Material possessions have taken the place of intellectual properties, lust have replaced love, world taken above the Word and temporary profit given priority at the expense of eternity.


They’ve even crept into my Father’s house, looting his treasury, deceiving people in His name, celebrating sodomy in place of true worship; gay bishops, Christian hip-hop, holy rappers, democratic dressing, uncensored mutterings, occultism instead of fellowship, magic instead of miracle, entertainers instead of ministers, motivational speakers instead of word preachers…real strange fire on the altar – satanist churches, devil’s synagogue and demonic fraternities right in Daddy’s house, funny enough, PAPA is very patient, gentle and meek, wonder what I would’ve done if I was Him.

Can we mention all? Crimes, corruption, violence, homosexuality, child trafficking, drugs and alcoholism, prostitution, rape, sexual immoralities, robbery, assassinations, religionism, atheism, yet, the list have not even started.

Now is the time we will take back our lost Glory, reclaim our stolen mandate and restore our hijacked territory, we will return modesty to replace immorality in our fashion, transparency to replace corrupt practices in politics, purely saturated information dissemination in place of junks and pollutants on our Media, authentic kingdom lifestyle messages all over the internet, intellectual and strategic growth and development programmes for kids and youths, widespread revival of pure holy fire on our altars.

With Baba’s 101% support, we will build lives, fortify and equip them for themselves, this universe and His Eternal Kingdom. Never shall we stop, neither shall we back off, but shall hand in hand walk and work, till we all-together in one accord, reach the ends of this world, with the good news  of the Kingdom of our King and Lord, as we en-mass march back to Zion, so help us God.


Heph-zi’bah, 2016.

Hephzibah Fatoyinbo is a kingdom addict. He is a teacher and a media personality.

Monumental Success (Season III)


I don’t really watch films but once in a while, I sit down to watch a good movie. I have watched a few seasons film and I must confess that those season films have a way of keeping you glued to the screen. You always want to find out what would happen in the next episode. That was how I spent a large chunk of one day watching season 1 and 2 of a particular film (please don’t ask me for the title).

There is another Season Film I have been watching for some time now. The title is Monumental Success directed by Gbenga Samson. It’s not actually a film, it’s a radio broadcast on the leading gospel radio station in the world (You should know I am talking about WiGRadio). I was greatly blessed by season 1 of this radio broadcast last year. I was more blessed by the broadcast of Season 2 which ended last Tuesday. Guess what? Season 3 is about to begin. After being blessed by all the episodes in Season 2, I felt it would be selfish of me if I keep this valuable stuff from you so I just had to share this with you this morning.

You can download all these FREE via, then you can thank me later. You can listen to Monumental Success With Gbenga Samson on WiGRadio every Tuesday at 9:00am via or download WiGRadio mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices from different stores online. Season 3 seeks to answer the question ARE YOU REALLY ALIVE? Tune in every Tuesday in this Season.

You can use WiGRadio platform to reach over 125 countries with your message, songs and adverts. Just contact us via or call 08039701132.

WiGRadio… the world with good news… Transforming lives globally!

Click here to visit Season II


And now we present to you MONUMENTAL SUCCESS (SEASON III)

Episode 1: Are you really ALIVE

Episode 2: Beyond Activity (The Dull Axe)

Episode 3: Beyond You (A life of LOVE)

Episode 4:  (Intensity-The Burning Bush)

Episode 5: Are you vision driven?

Episode 6: God’s vision of You

Episode 7: Enterprise- The Art of being resourceful

Episode 8: Enterprise II – Occupy till I come

Episode 9: Are you releasing your flavour?

Episode 10: Being salt – the flavour of rigthouness

Episode 11: Shining your light

Episode 12: Are you on the move?

Episode 13: Give and take – the life of exchnge

Episode 14: You are what you eat 

Episode 15: Irritability – Don’t react, Respond!

Episode 16: Grow or Die

Episode 17: Let Go and Grow up

Download MY SOUL SINGS by Tobiloba Tes


There is this story of a a man that loves reggae songs until he became a Christian. Once in a while, he heard reggae songs but he was dissatisfied because he wanted a song that would glorify God but he still loved reggae. If you are like this man, I have got good news for you.

The song “My Soul Sings” is a christian reggae song that would start you nodding your head, tapping your feet until you stand up in the reggae style for Jah! This Christocentric song has the name of Jesus mentioned 41 times which is one thing that the many gospel artistes no longer do because they want to be a part of the mainstream.


Olaoluwa Tobiloba who is popularly known as Tes is a young graduate from Kwara State University where he studied Material Science and Engineering. He is passionate about the kingdom of God and using his vocal skills to be a blessing to several lives. He is open for invitation to minister in youth gatherings, churches, campus fellowships and conferences. He can be reached on twitter @testobie and instagram via @tobiloba_tes.

Click here to download MY SOUL SINGS by Tobiloba Tes

Tobiloba was live on Praise and Passion with OD on Friday 18th November 2016, Click here to download the audio interview.

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