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Inside of every human being are at least two books waiting to be published.

The first book is a book about your experiences in life and the things you have gone through. The good, bad and ugly situations you have scaled through will definitely be an encouragement for somebody who is just passing through that same situation and it is worth documenting into a book for generations yet unborn to benefit from.

The second book is a book on your professional experience. You do your profession a great disservice if you cannot leave at least a book behind for future generations to improve on.

The third book is … (Okay, you can go ahead and determine what your third book will be about).

Just as there are three books inside of every human waiting to be published, there are three kinds of people on earth.

  1. Those who do not know what to write or how to write
  2. Those who know what to write but are yet to write
  3. Those who have written but do not know how to publish it

If you fall into any of these categories, then you need to contact us at Wisdom Gate Publishing. Through a step by step mentoring process, we would help you convert your ideas into books, and help you refine your writing skills and finally take you on the journey to becoming a published author. This can happen in less than a month. Yes… Less than a month!

You might have written manuscripts lying dormant on your shelfs and you are wondering how to convert them into best seller books that would bless lives and bring in extra revenue to you. How can this happen?


Hurry now and call us on +234-818-269-999 or +234-803-970-1132 or send an email to publisher@wigradio.com and we can begin the first step on your journey to becoming a published author.

All our clients always have a smile on their faces when we are through with the publishing process. We are experts in all forms of publishing and printing

Remember there are thousands of people (in fact millions) waiting to read and get blessed and impacted by that book you are about to publish.