Can we be Outstanding with Learning, can we achieve Excellence without a Command of right Knowledge?

Excellence births Exceptionality, but that Excellence is a Combination of Education and Exposure. Exposure is a form of Education that gives a leverage to students in the school of life. Many mistakes are made by people who concentrate only on what they learn in school not knowing the Knowledge needed to survive can’t be gotten only from the four walls of a school.

Real Excellence is both within and beyond school walls and that is what we would be exploring at the Outstanding Students Conference 2020 coming up this Friday 31st January 2020.

Join Oluwatobi Ajibade, Ayo Olorunpomi, Olusola Bakare, Yemi Adekunle, Temitope Olajide, Omoo Jesse Anetekhai and Olamide Faleke (Convener) and others for this life transforming program packaged for more than 300 students in over 30 Schools gathered in one venue

Venue: Christower Schools, Ibafo Ogun state by 10am.

This program would be on network broadcast live on WiGRadio 1 (Wisdom Gate Radio), WiGRadio 2 (New Heart Radio), and WiGRadio 3 (Watchmen Radio) and you can listen from any part of planet earth via WiGRadio 1 on, WiGRadio 2 (, WiGRadio 3 ( or download the WiGRadio mobile app from google play store for Android devices by clicking here.

If you would want WiGRadio to cover your next program, you can contact us on WhatsApp by clicking this link

Click here to download the audio podcast


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