Do you Ever feel daunted by your circumstances?

Do you ever fear that you might fail and end up disappointed or even ashamed?

Do you ever feel like God’s presence is so far away from you?

When life hits us with difficulties and challenges, it is extremely difficult to believe that God is here with us. Jesus has told us to cast all our cares and burdens on him, he is always ready to comfort and embrace us if only we are genuinely willing and hungry for an encounter with him. It may seem like we are surrounded at all sides with trials and challenges but if only we can tune out the distractions and focus only on God who has promised us peace and sufficient grace to carry on.

It’s time to fix our gazes on God and to receive help from Him for the road ahead.

Its time to spend time alone with Him and rid our minds of all distractions threatening our faith and our belief in him. It’s time to forge forward and be transformed by his word and presence.

It’s time to be with Jesus!!!

Great Light Ministry presents “A Day With Jesus,” an amazing opportunity for us to connect and spend quality time with our maker.

Date: Saturday 30th June, 2018

Time: 09:00AM-04:00PM.

Venue: Faith Plaza, Igbo Igunnu, Bariga Lagos.

Come prepared to immerse completely in his presence and to feel his loving and kind embrace.

Get ready to recieve strength from your maker and to reconnect with him.

Don’t miss it for anything in the world, save the date!!!



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