In a season when all standards are down, an era of clouds of darkness, hovering over the human race, canopying various segments of existence, with young folks bearing the most brunts, there arises a need for an exception – a 180-degree tangent!

For this impetus was a convergence, sponsored by the King of the immortals for the most vulnerable section of men – Teenagers and Young Adults. That in distinction, they might stand out among many, shining a light that can never be compromised by darkness, it’s thickness notwithstanding.

These are the uncompromising generation, who will move sharply against the wind. A special breed, crowned with royalty and divine priesthood, charged with the responsibility to bridge the gap between the terrestrial and celestial. Greatness is their watchword, Light is their anchor, the Spirit is their transport mode.

Welcome to the dynamic teens ministry international conference 2020, it’s a divine atmosphere set to raise Princes and Princesses who would call forth the purpose of God as destined for this end of times.

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