In this new world of technology, it is certain that if one is yet to move with the trend, the possibility of not catching up is sure. Against this backdrop comes this agricultural program that is set to liberate you from the shackles of poverty and lead you to that mainstream of abundance. At you have countless opportunities of becoming that farmer you have been dreaming of. connects the Nigerian based farmer to numerous customers in Nigeria and across the globe by offering free classified ads service with advanced security systems. It is a business division of Evansville Industries Limited. This great innovation is co-founded by Ayotunde O. Evans and Midohoabasi Essienubong.


In continuation of reaching the world with goodnews, WiGRadio hosted the three people behind efarmers at its studio today to know about what it offers and how people stand to gain from it. Below is the link with which you can download this interview section and also gain an insight to create your world from it. Click below for this download:


NB: WiGRadio is an online gospel radio station with the mandate of reaching the world with goodnews and transforming lives globally. You can tune in at any time to listen to inspiring messages, music and the information that you need to take you from where you are to where you ought to be. And for more information on efarmers log on to: 

Click here to download the E-Farmers Interview on WiGRadio



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