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Emerge 2017 Samblanque

Nigeria which is regarded by International Monetary Fund (IMF) to have the largest economy in Africa, is a land of possibilities where business ideas of various kinds have the possibility of thriving because of the size of her market, but despite this, many citizens are not maximizing it in the area of entrepreneurship.

We are blessed with individuals who possess entrepreneurship mind-set and business ideas willing to start the business of their own but they are laid back because of the phobia of starting a new venture. Others on the other hand are seeing traces of entrepreneurship mind-set in themselves but don’t know how to discover them fully. Therefore with these two categories of individuals, EMERGE 2017 was designed to bring to light these entrepreneurship mind-set and make cutting edge entrepreneurs out of these individuals. The word “EMERGE” means to move out of something and become visible; taking cue from this meaning, “EMERGE 2017” was created.

Nigeria as a nation is at a period where individuals who have discovered their gift, refined it and have gained leadership skills are needed. These individuals are men and women who can be seen as problem solvers and innovative thinkers and whose ultimate gain is to ensure development in all areas of the society and the nation at large. These are men and women who have exposed their minds to transformational knowledge capable of effecting change in the economy of a nation. These are men and women who are ready to stand for and even die for a cause they believe will create generational waves and legacy for their environment.

To this end “EMERGE 2017” is developed to help build these individuals that will be seen as agents of transformation in our society. The event is a capacity building program aimed at empowering youth to look into themselves in order to be aware of the entrepreneurship mind-set. The program has been designed to accommodate facilitators who are also young individuals making waves and also having great influence in their area of career. Some of the facilitators at EMERGE 2017 include: Godwin Benson, Olawale Perfect, Ijeoma Njoku and Sam Gbadebo.

The Facilitators

Godwin Benson

Godwin Benson

Godwin Benson: He is a first class graduate of Systems Engineering from the University of Lagos and also the CEO/Founder of Tuteria, a Nigerian-based online platform that connects individuals seeking to learn with those who can teach the subject or skill in the neighbourhood. In September 2016, His Company Tuteria won one of six awards for the internet.org innovation challenge for education and economic development opportunities across the African continent. In December 2016, He won the Future Award Africa Prize for Education.

Olawale Perfect

Olawale Perfect

Olawale Perfect: He is a first class graduate of Bio-Chemistry from the University of Lagos and also the CEO/Founder of Wisdom Gate Communications, a dynamic movement that aims at bringing total transformation inside and outside on a global scale using the right information channelled through the media. As a much sought after speaker in schools, churches, fellowships, seminars and conferences, he is passionate about helping youths discover their purpose in life as he believes every human must have a dream worth dying for if need be. He is the author of “You will see what will become of my dream”, the bestselling “We are not here to play” and other books.

Ijeoma Njoku

Ijeoma Njoku

Ijeoma Njoku: She is a B.sc graduate of English and Literature from the Abia State University and Msc graduate of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs from the Robert Gordon University, Scotland. She is a Corporate Communication and Public Affairs professional with multi-sector experience and in-depth knowledge and brand communication, with proven experience in client service management. Ijeoma understands the immerse contributions of Corporate Communications to the attainment of a company’s bottom line. She is a certified member of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations, Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered). She is presently the Senior Account Executive at C & F Porter Novelli.

Sam Gbadebo: He is a graduate of Surveying and Geoinformatics from the University of Lagos and also the CEO/Founder of Samblaque Consult, an institute aimed at building leaders in their area of gifting who can influence their environment and transform the economy of any nation they inhabit. He is also a writer, conference speaker and a coach. He is also the convener of a group platform containing hundreds of members that has been adding value to people in areas ranging from Talent Discovery, Talent Maximization, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. On this platform, he has hosted successful individuals in the business world on this platform as facilitators and has many testimonies from the participants to prove the success of the platform.

Visit http://samblaqueconsult.org/emerge-2017-meet-facilitators/ for more details


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