Most High through His Generals has admonished believers to do everything through the leading of the holy spirit. But what does it mean to live our life, to take a step only at the order of the holy spirit?

Being there as an unseen witness the day you were born, He smiled at your birth, your arrival gave Him a great pleasure, He wanted you alive and He still does till the return of His dear son. But how do you journey through without loosing it totally at your down time? How can you pull yourself together when you’re down flat on your back?

Revelations 4:11 says that ‘You created everything and it is for your pleasure and they exist and were created. The Psalmist also tells us that ‘The Lord takes pleasure in His people’. But how exactly do we live fully to His expectation? We are expected to walk in the spirit, set our minds on the things of the spirit, know the fatherhood by the spirit. How can we achieve all of these? Is it even possible?

Yes, I’m Alive! and Living Life In The Spirit Every Area of Life is what Grace Missions is bringing our way to begin the month with. Why not join us 3pm today 1st of June- 6pm 2nd of June as we get exposed to the deep things of the spirit at GMI Teaching Center, DF46, Opposite Bobcat Hotel, BY D Mama’s SupermarketMosan Road, Shagari Estate, Ipaja, Lagos.

This program will also be live on wigradio and you can listen live from any part of the planet earth via or download our app on google playstore.

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