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I don’t write books for profit


The Zonal Superintendent, Foursquare Gospel Church, Alimosho Zonal Headquarters, Rev. Sunday Godwin Ashe, an author of over 10 books has revealed that he doesn’t write his books to gain profit. He revealed this during an interview with WiGRadio on Sunday, Sept. 10, while speaking on his writing journey.

“The gift to write was given to me by God to profit his work and not to profit me” He said.
Rev. Ashe stated that he has never earned enough to foot his bills from his books, he ends up sharing them. He added that he doesn’t write books for the sake of profit but for the gospel of Christ to go viral, the fact that the books can go where he cannot reach, and to put the messages he has preached into writing. “I write books when the message touches me first, I ensure that what I want to write about touches me” He stated. He reveals that that’s the inspiration that enlightens him to continue writing.

In answering one of the questions asked during the interview, the Foursquare Zonal Superintendent revealed that he only gets money from the proceeds of launching his books which he uses to plant new churches, something he has done before in Benin where he was former District Overseer of the Foursquare Church, Ogbe District.

He further added that he plants new churches because he wants the church of God to grow and for the expansion of truthful churches. “The best way to grow the church of Christ is to plant new churches”. He also revealed his intention of planting a new Church from the proceeds of his book launching.

Pastor Ashe was born into the home of idol worshippers, where his father was a well-known native doctor (Babalawo). He became born again at the age of fifteen on May 1986, at a Foursquare church. He began his ministry as a pastor at the age of nineteen after being trained at Foursquare Bible College. He is an esteemed author of over ten books that captures the themes of Prayer, deliverance, freedom from captivity. He will be launching three of his books titled: “Reversing the Irreversible”, “Breaking the curse in the blood” , and “Needed in the City, tied in the village” on the 30th of September 2023 at Foursquare Gospel Church, Alimosho Zonal Headquarters located at 11a, Kokumo Road beside Chicken Republic, Alimosho Bus Stop, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

This program promises to bring a lot of ministers and believers across the board but most importantly would be an opportunity to move the gospel of Christ to the unreached through the planting of two new Churches.

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