JCI University of Lagos presents:

35th Anniversary Annual Convention Investiture, Seun Osikalu National Impact Forum and Paschal Dike Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit.

Nigerian Youths…. Get ready for a transformational movement that will come as a result of this summit…

Meet our Keynote Speaker!

Born in a typical African village in South East Nigeria with very limited opportunities and gamut of challenges, His 20 years sojourn in JCI (Junior Chamber International) has been very transformational with lots of testimonies. Growing from the ranks, locally, nationally and internationally; visiting 59 countries in 2016 alone with 189 flights and 321 days of travels covering 356,000 miles; the experience has been practical and first hand. Working with people across cultures, religion, ideology and perception was a great learning curve, and one which MUST be transmitted and shared with young Nigerians who care to know.

After flying the Nigerian flag high across the globe leading a 190,000 membership organization, 7million alumni with presence in 126 countries, Paschal Dike consider these experiences worth sharing with persons and organizations but importantly appreciate God who made this possible and the few persons behind it.

In the light of this, Paschal Dike will be presenting the story of his journey to the Nigerian Youths who believing there are a lot of lessons to draw from it. And also talk on how young people can play a pivotal role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

During this event, Paschal Dike alongside extra ordinary young Nigerians who have made global impact will come inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things; and the ultimate goal is to win in life.

On Saturday, 29th April, 2017 at the Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, we will instil in all who care to attend how to do three things: to dare, to bear and to win!

You can also listen live via www.wigradio.com or Download the WiGRadio Mobile App for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices.


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