2018, is fast pacing and January is already coming to a close, it’s obvious we need to spend our time wisely. And what other way to this in 2018 by attending the Pastors/Ministers’ Conference, this Conference isn’t only meant for Pastors or Ministers, it is applicable to anyone who needs to follow Christ in his/her human endeavors by being available for the Spirit’s use.



Part of the Conference will include;

-Free breakfast

-Attracting Destiny Helpers ( practical ways to attract destiny helpers in Life and Ministry)




To find out what will happen on the Second day, please reserve a seat by sending your name and phone number to 08182222016.

This event will be holding at the Dominion Place.

This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth from the WiGRadio website (www.wigradio.com) or download the WiGRadio mobile app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices from the various stores online.

Click here to download the conference message




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