There’s this message preached by a minister of God, where he said, “the average Christian in Nigeria doesn’t know what a revival is; they haven’t experienced it. They think it’s that once-in-a-year event where everyone gathers to seek God’s face: but then, they don’t even get serious with it as people even fall asleep during the event and immediately after the event, everyone finds one corner and they start snoring loudly.”

But really, come to think of it, the average believer does not know what revival is. Want a proof? Then, it’s time to do a vox-pop/opinion poll. Just go to your own local church/assembly and ask the brethren there one by one what their opinion about the subject of revival is and you’d be amazed at the level of ignorance.

For those who know, ask why the revival they claim to have hasn’t spread yet. There’s something we do not know about the subject of revival that’s much needed in these times. Hey, good news, we’re not left without examples and patterns to follow. Well, let’s consider a few. First, Jesus. He carefully selected twelve guys, who were referred to as His disciples, to walk and work with Him; and today, we’re still yet to recover from what those disciples turned apostles did.

Peter, this former timid man was one of those twelve that shook the earth; he preached a sermon at one time and three thousand people came to Christ. Next, Francis of Assisi, this man knew God to the point that he understood the singing of birds! Next, John G. Lake healed so many that he got arrested for practicing medicine without license. Is the picture of revival becoming clearer? There is need for this revival in the present church. All of the aforementioned revivalists greatly brought glory to the name of Jesus and populated Heaven.

Don’t you think we need this now? Wouldn’t it be good if every lip in your community professes Christ as the Lord? But then, the Bible says that God’s people perish for lack of knowledge- Hosea 4:6.

Why don’t we all converge this Saturday, 15th September, 2018 to learn about the PATHWAY TO REVIVAL brought to you by Revival Promotion Partners; Venue is Jevinik Place, 21, Isaac John Street, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos, time is 9 a.m. prompt. See the flier below for full info.

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