Recent statistics from the World Health Organization, WHO, shows that no fewer than a million people die annually from suicide, which represents a global mortality rate of 16 people per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds. More disturbing also is the fact that there are an estimated 10 to 20 million attempted suicides every year.
For instance, WHO also report that over 800,000 people die of suicide annually and that it is the second cause of death among young people between 15-29 years in 2012. In 1990 it resulted in 712,000 deaths and rose to 842,000 in 2013 making it the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. WHO’s in 2012 statistics also show that out of Nigeria’s population, 6.5percent committed suicide out of which 10.3 percent are male and 2.9percent are female


This is a menace we must pay attention to. Let us come together and SAY NO TO SUICIDE. Join us this Saturday 7th January 2017.

















If you are in Lagos you can be part of the purpose driven generation, a life changing conference for youths and teenagers.
Come and discover what it takes to live a fulfilling year in 2017.
Venue: Royalty Building close to Lagooz College, Omotoye estate, Mulero bustop, Agege, Iyana Ipaja
Date: Sat 7th, Jan 2017, Time 10am

This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of the World via 


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