The social media can be a tool in the hands of God just like it can be a tool in the hands of the devil. It all depends on the way you have been taught to use it. When teenagers are taught to use the media in propagating the gospel, it will make the word of God get to the ends of the earth thereby fulfilling prophetic scriptures.

This the purpose of the School debate on the topic “The use of social media in spreading the gospel”.

For our youth to have a positive mindset in the use of social media network to preach the gospel. Several people can receive salvation on social media and transform millions of people with the gospel. People use the social media to corrupt, destroy and build a canal mindset.
Objective is for youth to shun violence and terrorism.

This can be corrected if we can start to educate our youth on the positive and important use of social media in spreading the gospel.

Join us on the 19th of May 2017 at 1:30pm
Venue: Christ Embassy Onipan, 151, Ikorodu Road Onipan Bustop, Logemo House 2nd Floor.

You can also listen live via or download our mobile app on any app store

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