Have you completed your assignment?*

That was the question I was asking my young niece some days ago as preparing for school. I know the implications of not doing her assignment but I am forced to ask myself if I know the implications of not doing the assignment the master gave to me and to you.

About 2000 years ago, we were given an assignment which is to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Many people have been going about this assignment and now is the time for us to play our own part. Do you know that some of the strategies that were used a century ago might not work at this time? That is why we need to attend a tutorial class together to learn about *STRATEGY FOR FULFILLING THE GREAT COMMSISSION IN THE 21ST CENTURY.*

That is the theme of *WellSpring Missions Conference 2019* holding from *Thursday 31st January to Saturday 2nd February 2019* at *New Estate Baptist Church,* Plot 1057, Chris Abutu Garba Street, off Odumegwu Ojukwu Street, Apo Gudu, Abuja.

Rev Sam Kputu
Rev Edet George
Pastor Dr Jimson Olufuye
Pastor John Idoko
Pastor Taiwo Oranye
Host: Rev (Dr.) Idowu Akintola
Convener: Dr. Olapeju Otsemobor

This program is powered by *Well Spring Club.* You can get more details about WellSpring Club by visiting www.wellspringclub.org or download the Well Spring Club mobile app via WellSpring Mobile App.

The Missions conference would be live on WiGRadio from Abuja. *You can listen to WiGRadio from any part of planet earth via www.WiGRadio.com* or download the mobile app by clicking WiGRadio mobile app or download the Well Spring Club mobile app.

Click here to download the audio files for the conference


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