When the bible says in Matt 24:14 that “this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached for a witness in all the earth, and then shall the end come”, there were no mass media. Of course Jesus could not have been speaking in that place and referring to us going from house to house knocking on peoples door to take the gospel to them or waiting for them to come to our churches on Sunday morning. There must be a more effective way, that is why we have the media today!

The media is not a tool of the devil, it is one of God’s end time tools to reach the world with this good news of the Kingdom. At WiGMedia Institute, we train people who have to passion to use the media as a tool to spread the gospel. We look at this not just from a spiritual angle but also from a professional angle in order to equip men and women, boys and girls to be involved in filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Our course curriculum includes

Introduction to media, Social Media Management, Script Writing, Production Process, Broadcasting Techniques, Kingdom Broadcasting and lots more.

The training is highly practical and students are expected to complete a project work with no supervision before they graduate and get a certificate. Through us, God has produced a lot of dynamic people whose passion for using the media creatively to reach people with good news is fueled by the Spirit.


Click here to download audio jingle for April Diet 

Click here to download Career Project by some of our students

Click here to download Agric Project by some of our students


The training holds at our Lagos office from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th April 2016 (12noon daily). If you are supposed to be one of those who should benefit from this free training at this time, send an SMS with your name, email, location and phone number to +2348039701132 or send a mail to wigmedia@wigradio.com. Only 12 slots available

WiGMedia Institute… Raising Kingdom Broadcasters

Listen to what some of our students have to say about the last training.

WiGMedia Institute is a citadel of purposeful kingdom thinkers and positive influencers.

WiGMedia is a kingdom minded institute that impact positive way of how life should be reflected on social media and how to be conscious about how people see you out there on social media.

It is a place of Vision and a fertile ground to grow great destinies.

WiGMedia is an organisation fulfilling the great commandment of preaching the gospel.

A great place, of great Minds with a Great Vision. Great place to be.


The Good News is that the April Diet of WiGMedia Institute would also be FREE and you need to start registering now to be able to enjoy the benefits.



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