Do you remember that woman that met Jesus at the well. Sometimes, I wonderful what could have happened that would make her to have had five husbands. Maybe all five husbands had died and she was afraid of another commitment so she told the man that was interested in her that she was no longer ready for marriage so the man was not even her husband or on a worse scale, she might have lived in prostitution. I really don’t know but I know one thing her life was miserable until she met Jesus at the well.

There was something she did when she recognized Jesus… She cried out! There are lot of stuffs you might have been going through as a woman from handling inlaws to managing your career, business and children and your husband still expect you to perform that special duty. You might have complained but can I ask you a question? Have you cried out to God about all those things you have been battling with?

The 15th Edition of Woman Cry Out tagged COME YE TO THE WATERS will be a special time of healing and transformation because Jesus is coming to pour water upon the thirsty soul and I know you don’t want to miss out on this.

So join Bemigho Omayuku and other anointed women on the 14th of October to pray at ‘Woman Cry Out’ 2017, theme: COME YE TO THE WATERS.

Folashade Jacobs Street, off Oba Tuani Adetunji street, Oral Estate, Beside Oando Filling Station, Chevron, Lekki by 9am prompt.

Be kind enough to share this with your sisters and female friends. God is in these last days, raising “Deborahs”; women who would walk with Him to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. It takes a woman that knows who she is to surrender to God completely.

It is time to pray, it is time to take delivery of all that we have in Christ; peace in our homes, liberty for them that are bound.

It is never about the deer in the fight, but the fight in the deer. Woman! It is time to cry out.

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