Do you want me to tell you the secret of how I managed to graduate with a First Class and how you can too? You are reading this because I want to give you the opportunity to replicate the success I have seen in several of my protegees

When students hear “First Class”, what usually comes to their mind is something reserved for a select few people other than themselves. The truth however is that there is nothing special about a First Class if you know the HOW!

Let me make this simple – There are only three things you need to achieve anything in life

  1. WHAT do you want (in this case you want to graduate with a First Class grade)
  2. KNOW the things you need to do to get what you want
  3. DO the things you have discovered in step 2. FULL STOP

The unfortunate thing is that many know what they want (at least you know that you want to graduate with a First Class, but many do not know how. That know-how is what I want to teach you. If I teach you HOW and you DO it, then I have no doubt you will be the next person I would be celebrating just as I celebrate several of my protegees almost on a daily basis.

Is it  that simple? YES.. A big YES! My dear, most of the great things in life are usually very simple. The problem is just that we like to make it complicated. Many people might have made graduating with the best grade complicated for you but that is why I am here to make it simple for you if only you would be patient enough to learn the great secrets I want to show you. They are not really secrets or you can call them open secrets if you like. But these simple truths are the things that has made me a success today.

You don’t need to be super intelligent to have the best grades, you only need to know what the best students know. A lot of students who graduate with a second class upper are actually potential First Class Students but there is something that they do not know.

Wait a minute… I have been taking with you but I have not yet introduced myself. Like me, I guess you don’t like talking to complete strangers so let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Olawale but people call me Mr. Perfect You can check me out on Facebook via Olawale Perfect. I graduated from a normal secondary school and I was really scared when I got admission into University of Lagos. I did not know HOW until I stumbled upon certain secrets and principles which I put to use and more than 7 years ago, I graduated with a First Class from the department of Biochemistry, University of Lagos. I have shared my secrets with several people in the last 7 years and I have countless number of protegees who have duplicated this result. You might want to read the story of Tosin Akanbi on my Facebook here.

WiGRadio CEO, Olawale Perfect in convocation gown at University of Lagos
Olawale Perfect in convocation gown

I am willing to share my success story with you give you the opportuniy to stand on my shoulders so that you can achieve a success greater than I achieved but I need to be sure you are really interested in it. If you checked my Facebook earlier, you would realise that I am a very busy person being CEO of several business organisations including WiGRadio, WiG Properties, WiG Media Institute and a couple of others. I would have loved to mentor you via my facebook but you would notice I already crossed the 5000 friends limit so I would have to do this via email.

I have a slot for just 70 people within the next 7 days to be your permanent academic mentor sharing my life principles with you and leading you in the hand till you achieve the success you desire. You can sign up here to join other young people like you who would soon be sharing their success stories as a result of the principles I would be sharing with them. Guess what? I will also be calling all of these people personally to set their academic goals for the semester with them.

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