It is no secret that love is a universal gift, despite the difference in age, nationality, belief or exposure, there is one common goal that every human being desires to attain…Love, and today we choose to celebrate two people who have found each other against all odds, differences and prior disappointments. Follow us as we accompany our golden couple, Ebi popularly known as Socrates and Susan on their journey to the isle through questions aimed to shed more insight on their relationship, struggles and their collective aspirations.
Let’s head on out as Eunice Myron engage the couple in an interesting interview. Don’t forget to bring the confetti!

WiGRadio: Susan, How did the both of you meet and how long did it take you both to build a stable friendship?

Susan: We met each other for the first time at church in 2014 and we didn’t really get along that well, it took two years to build a stable friendship with him.

At this point I was a little bewildered, was there no butterflies or spotlight to indicate that he was the one? Wait a minute, I think someone needs to tell me how this whole romance thing works, meanwhile let me discard all the books and movies that absolutely lied to me for years. Give me a minute… Now back to our questions.

WiGRadio: Socrates, Who was the first one to voice out an interest in a romantic relationship?

Socrates: (smiles suspiciously before responding) “Na my babe o, My babe is a very bold woman. I think she knew what she wanted and went for it,” and just while I was about to move on from the whole matter “His babe” chipped in with another truth, “It was Socrates,” she said also smiling although not suspicious enough to warrant questioning. In my perplexed state, I tried to bait the truth out of these lovebirds who seemed to share different perspectives on the issue but an affirming “That is so not true,” from Susan won the case, so we would go with Susan’s narration of events.

WiGRadio: Susan, what do you both have in common and how important do you think mutualism is in the success of relationships?

Susan: I think it is very important to have a common ground as a couple, ours is our undivided love for God. Another thing that helps us bond so well is Understanding and Genuine Humility, this part is all Socrates.

WiGRadio: Socrates, did you have mentors, friends or pastors that you looked up to for advice during the courting process ?

Socrates: Ah! My life has always been one filled with mentors, I had them telling me what to do when things went bad. I had very understanding friends who were able to give good advice, and also father figures and mother figures who helped to nurture our courtship.

WiGRadio: Susan, what do you love most about Socrates and what values do you strongly share as a couple?

Susan: What I love most about him is his humility and humour. Talking about similar values, I think we share mutual trust and understanding system.

WiGRadio: Socrates, did you seek her parent’s consent for her hand before or after you had already proposed to her?

Socrates: As a sharp guy, I asked God first. Because I am beautifully and fearfully made, I had many fine babes around. So as a Child of God, I needed to consult the holy spirit for directions, it is not an easy step to take. After I got the go ahead, I spoke to her first before her parent and then her pastor.

WiGRadio: Can you be more specific when you say “Got the go ahead?” because a lot of guys are getting “go aheads” that God is not giving, How did you discern that this was God?

Socrates: I am not really the “God told me” type, but I know when God’s spirit bears witness with mine. Yes we had issues at first that made me hesitant but I prayed and waited on God for revelation through a mentor’s leading and It was confirmed after! Smashed the head of the snake and brought my babe out. So short answer, I am sure.
Now that was Savage! The snake would never recover.

WiGRadio: Susan, what did your family and friends think of him when they first met him?

Susan: They saw him as a bold man who had good intentions.

WiGRadio: Socrates, what role did the word of God play in making your relationship what it is today?

Socrates: A huge part! Everything God said through His word helps us grow better and stronger each day and simply knowing what God’s will for marriage is has been very helpful in giving us a clear standard for a Godly marriage.

WiGRadio: Susan, how did the marriage proposal go, and how did it feel like compared to when he first asked you out?

Susan: When he first asked me out, I didn’t really see it coming and I had a whole lot of mixed feelings, the reason being because I wasn’t much of a talker like him and I honestly didn’t know how the outcome would be, but the marriage proposal was quite different, it wasn’t magical or anything but it was the best. He proposed in the presence of his mother and his mum blessed the union after. I was all too sure when it came to the marriage proposal, there was no mixed feelings involved.

WiGRadio: MC Socrates, it is often said that most times it is the groom that usually gets cold feet as the wedding approaches. I am well aware that you have hosted many weddings, now yours is here! How do you feel about this?

Socrates: This is very true (referring to the cold feet theory), I have felt like running away a number of times. Once, I realised that I needed to talk to someone about it and I did, a dear friend of mine gave me a powerful scripture and I braced up, being an MC is very different from being the celebrant, it comes with far greater responsibilities and even though I feel tensed, I am also very excited.

WiGRadio: Susan, your wedding is only a couple of days away and I am so genuinely excited for you, but enough about how I feel, how does it feel to be in your shoes, planning a wedding and sorting out the details?

Susan: Planning a wedding is very stressful! I really don’t expect anything lavish and I don’t have high hopes of a “glamorous” event per say, but I am sure of one thing, as we become one our union would be to conquer more territories in love.

WiGRadio: Socrates, Let’s go a little further than the wedding. What part of your lives together are you looking forward to the most?

Socrates: Every bit of it! I want to explore o. I look forward to praying and studying God’s word together with my babe now turned wife, I look forward to us travelling together, making money together and also making babies together.

WiGRadio: Susan, what is quirky and unique about your relationship and what are your nicknames for each other?

Susan: I think our major uniqueness would be our blend of friendship and romance because most times we act more like “best friends” than couples. My nickname for him is Ayomi, which means my Joy and he calls me Tari which translates to My Love.

WiGRadio: Wow! Thank you so much for agreeing to have this interview, but before we wrap this up I would like to ask if either of you have a final word of advice for our readers.

Susan: To those who are still trusting God for their missing rib, without first having a relationship with God, I must tell you that he is the only way. Why do I say so? When I was still in the world I did virtually everything with my head and feelings, which was wrong and insane. I didn’t get anything good out of it, because feelings are deceptive and they fade away, and doing things with your head will only end up in trial and error. The BIG CHANGE came when I went back to my first love and I began to walk with my DIRECTOR (the holy spirit). You cannot imagine how my life has changed since then. In a nutshell, my advice to every single lady reading this is Matthew 6:33, this was the watchword that launched me to the realm of supernatural blessings. Whatever you are looking for, be it a husband, a wife, a good job, a house, a car or any other thing your heart desires, they are all found in Matthew 6:33, in seeking God first.

Thank you so much dear reader for tagging along on this brief journey, hope it was worth your while. I say a big thank you also to our golden couple for granting us the pleasure of this interview, it was an amazing one and we cannot wait to witness you both make this wonderful union final. Congratulations and a Happy Married Life in Advance.

This interview was conducted by Eunice Myron


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