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I fasted and held vigils to pray against carnality when I first met my wife – Christian brother confesses


I had a notion that the best person to marry was Jesus but since thats literally impossible. I prayed to God to give me one of his other sons. – wife to brother

WiGRadioTeam: can we meet you ma/sir?

Mrs.Bolutito Adedoyin: My name is Bolutitio Adedoyin, I am a Christian, Married to a great man (Adebisi Adedoyin) for 7 years now. We have been blessed with 2 glorious Children. I recently obtained a graduate Degree from the University of Alberta. I now work as a Resource Analyst with Forcorp Solutions and volunteer as a teens coach at my Local church.

WiGRadioTeam: Wow! It’s nice to meet you ma.
WiGRadioTeam: Mr. Adedoyin sir, please share with us your salvation experience.

Mr. Adebisi Adedoyin: To the glory of God, I am born again.I was a church goer and I grew up in a Christian home before my salvation experience. August 2003, I had an encounter of divine healing with the Lord.In my room in Abuja on that fateful day, I prayed deeply from my heart while my mouth couldn’t open. I asked the Lord to come into my heart and forgive me my sins , I told him I will be for him and serve him. It happened like a lightening and I got healed immediately.The Lord ordered my steps to those that help me to stabilize in my confession.Since then, it has been an endless journey.

WiGRadioTeam: Wow! Glory. So how did you meet your wife? And was it a case of love at first sight? How did you know she is the one? (I mean, God’s will for you in marriage).

Mr. Adebisi Adedoyin: I was in FUTA also my wife was in same school and same fellowship withe (RCF). I was in drama unit , a member of our Unit Ololade by name went for Mount Zion drama Institute.After her experience she encouraged me to go for next admission but I do not have the money then. She sponsored me for the program.So my wife but Dyna Bolu then also registered for same program. The program was slated for 2weeks. I headed to Ife, Osun state Nigeria also my wife was around for the program as well.Let me shock you, MZI was not just a drama institute, it was a Spiritual ground to get you rooted in your walk with God. Drama was secondary.So, about 3rd day into the program I saw this Dyna Bolu and I was unable to control my self. I asked the Lord what happened? I thought I was Carnal, I avoided every opportunity with her in the MZI camp then.After we got back on campus , I called my friend Omobola now a Reverend in Anglican Church of Nigeria. So we went to our friends place in Off- campus so that we could pray for me (bro James) for God to kill carnality in me. We actually had vigil. So after the vigil, I was heading back to my hostel on campus (Akindeko Hall) the next person I saw at the car park infront of my hostel was Dyna Bolu. I was so disappointed in myself, I felt I wasted time having vigil for God to kill carnality. I just pass her by and grumble say good morning to her then. Actually while we are baby in the Lord, when God speaks to us we may not understand we may think it can be but the Lord will always prove his word. When, I got back to the hostel. I was angry with myself and I killed what seems like feelings then. That was 2007 I guess. So, fast forward in 2009, during my industrial attachment. This sister called dyna Bolu will call me and care. I was in Lagos while she was in 300Level in FUTA.

Mr. Adedoyin Adebisi: So, the Word came again, now I’m more mature and I began to seek counsel from my SpirItual friends and fathers. My brother who is a pastor , Pastor Wale asked me to go pray for 6 months. That even if its feelings it would have died before the end of 6 months. So I kept away and was praying for another 6 months. Now I’m more convinced and very very very sure. In all these, Dyna Bolu doesn’t know what was happening to the son of man. I know she will share her experience too…she has received me before the MZI program in 2007. And me son of man was trying to kill “carnality”. What a life of a young man! So 2009, I was called as the vice president of RCF FUTA . I can’t propose holding such a huge office. I said Chai… she went on Industrial trainee. I was all about doing the work of the master and facing my book. After my tenure I went to CRM zonal coordinator in Ondo and Ekiti then… He refused, he felt the sister loves me because of my gifting and the messages I preached to about 1k+ congregation every week.I was sure, so I went to Evangelist Sola Oki, my Spiritual mentor till date. He counselled me and asked me to go ahead. I proposed and got answer immediately.We had long courtship with Christ at the centre of it. Good moment and horrible moment for us to break apart after we knew God wanted us to be together. I will say to the glory of God , we stayed pure during the courtship (only because of His Grace) Kogi dealt with us massively but grace saw us through.. I will advise anyone in courtship to stay pure (no sex) it has reward. Now, we are married for 7years with 2 beautiful children and only God is glorified. Marriage is the best thing that happened to me after salvation.

WiGRadioTeam: Please share your salvation experience with us ma.

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: I have been attending church as a child but I met Jesus for myself while attending a program organized by the Christian Foundations at UNILAG in 2004. It was during the sermon that I realized that salvation is a personal determination to turn away from sin and to God and not just by going to church programs. I made that decision that day to turn to God and follow his ways. I have had series of other encounters that made me realize that I needed Jesus and have since been growing in this Christian journey.

WiGRadioTeam: Ma, what was it that made you realize your husband was the man you’d want to settle down with?

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: I had a notion that the best person to marry was Jesus but since thats literally impossible. I prayed to God to give me one of his other sons. I did not want to choose for myself. I was attracted to him by his love for the things of God. He is very fervent and my spirit bore witness that he was genuinely born again and was constantly exuding the fruits of the Spirit. He is kind, loving, gentle, he is good looking, very helpful to others, intelligent and full of God’s wisdom.

WiGRadioTeam: So can we say that you do believe in the saying that “women does not necessarily have to “love” but receive love”Meaning that, it really does not matter whether or not you are attracted to the brother or have any feelings for him as long as God says he is the one?

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: Well, for me I was attracted by something ‘His love for God and His work’ or probably something deeper that I can not explain. Nevertheless, I personally believe there has to be some form of attraction to one’s spouse. Although the case may not be so for all women.

WiGRadioTeam: What was the reception like from your parents when you introduced him to them?Was there any form of resistance from their end? If yes, how did you manage it ma?

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: There was absolutely no resistance and i think it was majorly because they trusted me to make a good choice for myself as they had raised me to.

WiGRadioTeam: Is there any major misunderstanding during Courtship that would have made you go your seperate ways? If yes, how did you solve it sir?

Mr. Adebisi Adedoyin: Yes plenty, let me be very brief here. We had 6 years courtship. And we were never in same location for the 6 years. Communication was a major issue, perception and assumption on calls.I also had lots of females around me and when fiancé then offends me I would think God wanted me to select from the number of females I had around me. Distance relationship is tough, avoid it if you can. I was able to resolve it by speaking to friends very few. I remember an incident that almost walked out of the relationship in 2014 or 2015. My expectation was too high and I wasn’t patient. My friend Pst Olayinka Oluwadarasimi (RCCG Youth Pst) made me to realize it and we discuss and pray as friends.

WiGRadioTeam: Hmmm. Can you share the incident with us sir?

Mr. Adebisi Adedoyin: We had misunderstanding on phone, I was angry and we both ended the call. I wanted her to be like other sisters around me in career, in spirituality, but trendy and highly spiritual. So all these accumulated together and raise anger in me. Bro Dara, then gave an illustration; he said if you a leading a young boy to cross an express road like that of Underbridge/cement and you crossed, left the young boy behind and asked him to come meet you at the otherside. How will the situation look like? He said I would agitate so boy wasn’t not knocked down, I will be angry that the young boy is taking time to cross. After that, he concluded by saying, what if I hold the boy by hand and we cross together, will there be issue? Finally, he said that was the state of my mind, I crossed the road and left my fiancee behind why can’t I hold her by hands and cross together. So I have held her and still holding her and will still hold her till Christ come.

WiGRadioTeam: Hmm, thank you very much for sharing sir. Ma, what fun things did you both do during courtship? You know, things of shared interest. And now that you are married, how are you able to keep the fire of love burning even in the midst of busyness and grooming your children?

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: Although we spent most of our courting period apart physically, we regularly met at Holy Ghost service at the redemption camp, visited friend’s and family together when we were both available. Eat out together and had a regular prayer and fasting on Fridays which we keep till today. Marriage is work. It takes continuous commitment,communication, prayers and sacrifice to make it work. So we both do our part and continue to do so with God’s help.

WiGRadioTeam: What is your favorite scripture ma?

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: I have more than one…Luke 10:19, Mathew 7:7 , 1st Peter 2:10.

WiGRadioTeam: How are you able to agree and work on projects together? (With neither of you feeling not carried along?)

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: I don’t have a memory of such. We always carry ourselves along.

Mr. Adebisi Adedoyin: Our money not his money or her money. We don’t have joint account but we both have access to each other’s account. I don’t need her permission to spend from her account and same with me. We have vision and goal for the family. So we spend to fulfil that. We talk about everything. I woke up at night and I told her I’m resigning today because the Lord asked me to do so, she wasn’t working. She said go ahead as far it’s the Lord …she trusts me and believe in the grace of God upon me. The result of resigning from Etisalat transform our lives and we are both reaping the awesome benefits today.

WiGRadioTeam: How has parenting been so far? What has helped you to rightly parent the two wonderful children that God has given you?

Mr.Adebisi Adedoyin: I will answer it in 2 part. 1. Parenting in Nigeria and 2. Parenting in Canada

It’s very deep question and I would not just talk, we are still trusting God to help us in raise our children but no be beans oo.

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: I would say God has been helping us. We teach our children good morals and the way of the Lord. Introducing them to Bible cartoons from an early stage and allowing them to lead prayers from 3 years old. We also read books on parenting and Christian resources to develop ourselves too. We strive to keep developing ourselves career and try to be good examples always. We also discipline them as needed.

WiGRadioTeam: You recently relocated outside the country sir and ma, has this in anyway caused a strain in your marriage (when you first arrived there and now)? If yes, how were you able to manage the

Mrs. Bolutito Adedoyin: Relocating did not cause any strain on our marriage. Mostly because our values did not change because we were in a new environment. Although life was a bit stressful at the beginning as we had no family around. We gradually made new friends and family that we support and also support us when needed.

WiGRadioTeam: Thank you very much sir and ma.We had a blessed time learning what it means to walk with God. And lean on him for direction in every areas of our lives. Thank you for your time, we pray that the Lord will continue to uphold your home.

The Adedoyins: Amen, thank you for having us.

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