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I had my kind of man as a single Christian lady but had to drop it to accept God’s will for me in marriage – Christian Wife Confesses


My encounter with my beautiful wife was Divine Love at First Sight – Husband

WiGRadio Team: You are welcome @⁨Ajiri⁩ and @⁨Mac-Oni Moyosore⁩ Amata Oronana.

WiGRadio Team: Can we meet you?”

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: My name is Moyosore MacOni Amata. The only wife to Mr Ajiri Amata Oronana.

Mr. Ajiri Amata: I am Ajiri Amata Oronana from Delta State Nigeria

WiGRadio Team: Glad to meet you Mr. & Mrs. Amata Oronana.🤗🥰. Please share with us your salvation experience ma. When, where and how did it happen?

Ajiri Amata: I got born again at age 10, I attended a Children Camp at Methodist boy high school, Ogba where I met with Christ and it was a wonderful experience. I had confirmations of my Salvation with some physical testimonies that went along. How it happened I went to the camp like every bad boy looking for girls but while in the camp I made a different decision that day 10th of August 1999

Moyosore MacOni Amata: Ok, I got born again at a tender age, there was a goodness club I usually attend growing up. We were always looking forward to going to our club meeting, where we were thought kingdom principles, in one of our open air crusades the organizers projected one movie called Megido , I cried all through the movie thinking about my life, that was when I started realizing my purpose on earth.

WiGRadio Team: how old were you at this time ma?

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: Around 11+

WiGRadio Team: What do you think about love at first sight? Do you believe it exists? And have you ever experienced it?

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: For me I don’t believe in it. Love is a gradual process.

Mr. Ajiri Amata: Yes I do and I have experienced it but it must be Divine Enconter just as you see someone and you don’t want to talk to the person same way you see someone and you just want to be friends with him or her. My encounter with my beautiful wife was called DIVINE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

WiGRadio Team: When, where and how did you meet your beautiful wife?

Mr. Ajiri Amata: I met her on the 27th of March 2018 at Onipan, Lagos, Nigeria.I met her though a friend of ours who linked us up called Anthonia a Wigradio Family Member.

WiGRadio Team: Was it a case of love at first sight?.

Mr. Ajiri Amata: Yes it was Divine Love at First sight.

WiGRadio Team: Ma, every girl have her kind of man, how would you describe your kind of man growing up? Did it ever change at any point? If yes, what made it change?

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: Yes, I had my kind of man shey you know na correct babe like me love better things. Yes it changed ooo, I had to allow God to take charge. How did it change? Let me just tell a little story. I was this young vibrate Christian lady with a lot of expectations about life as a whole, marriage was not an exception I was like Lord you know say I like better things but it was not forthcoming as I wanted it, the day I changed my prayer to Lord let your will be done. that was when things changed oooo

WiGRadio Team: Sir, how did you confirm that your wife now is God’s will for you in marriage?

Mr. Ajiri Amata: I prayed and we Gave our Self’s assignment to gets God’s confirmation. All signs showed God’s presence.

WiGRadio Team: Ma, how easy was it for you to accept His will for you?

Moyosore MacOni Amata: It was not easy though looking at the standard I set for myself and what He wanted and I must say thank God I followed his will.

WiGRadio Team: Sir, when and how did you eventually let her on on your intention on your friendship with her?

Mr. Ajiri Amata: Immediately I never hide it from her I made her know I wanted to marry her Immediately I got confirmation.

WiGRadio Team: What was the reception like from her end?

Mr. Ajiri Amata: Like every lady first said no and later she agreed.

WiGRadio Team: At what point did you begin to take him seriously as a possible mate?

Moyosore MacOni Amata: When I want to pray and I keep hearing this man is my will for bring down your pride. And another thing myself and my mom especially sought the face of God, He gave me sign and even showed me what the future is like for us.

When praying to God for a life partner, one prayer we should always pray is that God should give one a partner that believes and will work in line with one’s purpose that was my case actually, I discovered this in our first month of friendship but because my expectations are all over me but thank God I obeyed.

WiGRadio Team: How was family reception too? Was there any form of resistance from them? (If yes, how were you able to manage it?)

Mr. Ajiri Amata: It was a hard one expecially from my End My Mum was not in support. From her end they loved me and supported us. I had to fight for the love and it took a lot of prayers and actions but I thank God for success.

WiGRadio Team: Weddings are no jokes, small or big, they cost a lot. Money, time…and emotions. What was it like planning and executing your wedding?

Mr. Ajiri Amata: I must be Truthful we never planned the wedding because it was done in a Short notice but God surprised us.

WiGRadio Team: What are some of the changes you saw in the single Mr Ajiri and the married Mr Ajiri?

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: A lot of changes oooo.

WiGRadio Team: Mrs Moyosore, how did your family perceive your husband when they met him?

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: My dad was like Iwo Omo yi (you this girl) na you go North go serve and now you still want to marry another tribe, he didn’t say anything about it for like a month not knowing that baba go dey do research about the tribe ni, it was later my mom told me that he has consented that we should go ahead. That from my end oooo

WiGRadio Team: What else apart from love do you think can make a godly home stand?

Mrs. Moyosore MacOni Amata: Apart from love putting God first, trust and understanding are key things in marriage


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