Marriage is usually the end point of deep and affectionate love and the place of marriage in the society cannot be overemphasized. The sacredness of getting married to that one person you cherish and adore brings the beauty of love. Oyedeji Abiodun and Azuonwu Excellent (who are both members of the Wisdom Gate Family) are ready to follow the path of exchanging marital vows and Moyosoreoluwa Olakanmi had an interesting interview with the couple. You would learn something from this.

Here is the love story :

WiGRadio: So how do you feel knowing you would be crossing that road from being single to being married in a couple of days from now

Mr Abiodun:Hmm, Sincerely it feels great

Excellent: it’s wonderful

WiGRadio: Can you explain what you mean by feeling great?

Abiodun: It’s more like I just crossed a mountain knowing fully well how many obstacle I faced before getting to this point and also having to know I now have a support in fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

Excellent: It is like I finally have the right to spent the rest of my life with someone I truly care about.

WiGRadio: Tell us the Genesis of your Relationship. How did it all begin?

Mr Abiodun: How we first met gets people confused but all the same we met at WiGRadio studio while she was serving in Ogun State. At that time I lived in Ondo State. That fateful day, I saw a beautiful lady lying down on one of the chairs in the studio and I said in my mind that she is not bad to be your wife but I never said anything to her till she was through with her National Youth Service. That’s because I was still hurting from my previous relationship and I wouldn’t want to just jump into another relationship suddenly, so I initiated a conversation with her and ever since then we have been friends.

Excellent: Wow….it is a long story ooo. I met him at WiGRadio, then I wasn’t thinking I would be in a relationship with him. Although towards the end of my stay in Lagos and work with WiGRadio, I discovered I had feelings for him but I wasn’t sure he felt the same so I forgot about it on returning to Delta. One wonderful day I was scrolling through my contacts and saw his contact and I sent him a message telling him how great I thought of his person. Some days later, he called me as a reply to my message and that was how I became sure he liked me although I didn’t contact him again for another two months. I also made sure I allowed him take the lead by calling me, then he called again and again till it became everyday and puff! He poured out his intentions.

WiGRadio: Haybee, how did you feel when you got that first message from her and why did you decide to go ahead and respond later?

Abiodun: Her message to me was a confirmation to me to go ahead with my intentions.

WiGRadio: So how did you feel the first time you visited each other’s parents considering that you are from different tribes?

Abiodun: Actually I was nervous, and anxious. I wasn’t sure of what to meet and it was more like I was preparing for JAMB examination, but at the end it went well.

Excellent: I was very shy but I felt welcomed.

WiGRadio: Was your first meeting the assurance that she was the one?

Abiodun: Nope.

Excellent: No it wasn’t. There were times I had to pray, move away from him for a while to get a close look into his character and visions again and again just because I wanted to be very sure I was making the right decision

WiGRadio: How did you both handle other admirers?

Abiodun:I have a principle “IF YOU WILL NOT MARRY HER THEN DON’T GET CLOSE”. Another thing I ensured was to make her presence revolve around everything I do, so any other lady that comes close to me will always know that I am in a serious relationship.

Excellent: Well, I am a very focused being so they were no problem for me because I see them as not significant.

WiGRadio: And how long was the courtship?

Both couples: Two years

WiGRadio: How would you define your relationship?

Abiodun: It was God all through even though there were time when I felt like quitting. I actually quitted at some point but God saw us through. We acknowledge that we are weak and only God can help us love, tolerate and be patient with one another.

Excellent: Love! God! patience!

WiGRadio: Language of love, was that Paramount during the courtship?

Mr Abiodun: Very very essential, it helped us a lot in our journey to where we are today.

Excellent: It was highly important because ours was a long distance relationship which needed this so much.

WiGRadio: Woah, how then did you handle the long distance?

Abiodun: Well it was expensive but there is nothing too expensive for the one you love. Thank God for CUG, it enables us make long hours call such that it felt like I was seeing her daily.

Excellent: Hmmm we did a lot of calls using CUG lines. We talked for an average of 2hours daily

WiGRadio: Has there been any time where you both disagreed and how did you handle it?

Abiodun: So many times. First thing I settled in my heart before the relationship kick-start was that we are both different and have different perspective of things so I must be patient.

Excellent: Yes! So so so many times, infact it used to be one week one trouble but we learnt to handle it properly after some time of studying each other :-
We learnt to let love rule over emotions.
We had to learn that love is not always emotions. That means that my being angry with him does not mean I don’t love him again and the same applies to him too.
Limit third party interference. We had to study ourselves and it was in the process that I discovered I was very emotional and I often over react to situations. I had to caution myself.
I stopped dwelling on his weakness and nagging when ever I get pissed off.
Finally, when talking about issues that didn’t work we prayed, read books and talk again and again … (laughing)

WiGRadio: What lesson would you say your relationship has taught you?

Abiodun : Always know that the road is not always smooth but the destination is sure. So in summary “Focus”.

Excellent: If two or three shall agree concerning anything it shall be done. So in summary “agreement”.

WiGRadio: Final words from you and any advice to upcoming people who are in relationship

Abiodun: Patience itself is not enough but you must be ready to say I’m sorry even when you are not at fault.

Oyedeji Abiodun and Azuonwu Excellent have chosen to explore the world of love. Their belief in God, Love and in the virtue of Patience is amazing and all of us at WiGRadio are glad to be a part of sharing this good news about them

We wish them an amazing wedding and marriage.



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