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My Akwa-Ibom Father-in-law Married To An Akwa-Ibom Woman Rejected Me From Marrying His Daughter Because I Am From Akwa-Ibom – Christian Brother Shares


My wife was the answer to my 21 days prayer and fasting…husband

WiGRadio Team: Can we meet you?

Mrs. Abigail Michael: I’m Abigail Michael, from Akwa Ibom state. A graduate from DS Adegbenro ICT polytechnic Ogun state studied Accounting.

Mr. David Utibe Michael: My name is David Utibe Michael.I’m Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state. I’m a Christian. I currently work as a data analyst in the e-commerce industry.

WiGRadio Team: Nice to meet you ma and sir. Please share your salvation experience with us.

Mr. David Utibe Michael: I first gave my life to Christ to in 2015, when I yielded the altar call after a sermon by Pst. Daniel Olukoya of MFM, then at the youth church in Unilag. I rededicated my life in 2021, when I joined Daystar Christian Centre, and summarily I will say that I am still growing in faith. That’s my salvation story.

Mrs.Abigail Michael: Okay. It all happened after so many give and take your life back,you know, I think I was probably flowing with every preaching a preacher taught at every service. On a special program which happened to be our annual convention, where we get to see so many other men of God. I was present as usual to catch fun of course, I love music, the only thing that catches my attention in church is music after which I blank out. To cut the long story short this pastor just did it sha, let me rephrase, God did it through (Pastor Onolade) and ever since then I’ve seen God and Christianity in a different dimension.

WiGRadio Team: Ma, was it love at first sight when you met brother David? And how did you know he is the one?

Mrs. Abigail Michael: I won’t say it was love at first sight, because we met once at church before we disappeared again. But my siblings drew my attention to him and wouldn’t stop making me see the good part of him and noticed him after a year when I came back from NYSC, and we started talking and getting to know each other. He never stopped talking about us, like everything he has planned and he want to do I was always in the picture. Then I knew we will end up together.

WiGRadio Team: Glory to God! When and where did brother David meet Sister Abigail? And how did you know she was the one?

Mr. David Utibe Michael: Lol, we actually met in church. And it was during a 21 days prayer and fasting then at my parents’ church which also happens to be her parents church and my church and her church. Looking back, I think she was the answer to my 21 days prayer and fasting because I stopped going to the church shortly after. I wouldn’t exactly call it love at first sight because I sighted her many times, and I didn’t think she was the one. But one day, we started talking and became friends, it was at that point I knew she was the one. The question for us even at the start was not whether we will get married but when. It was not an easy one, I must add considering that we stayed 2 streets away from each other and attended the same church, so we encountered a lot of naysayers from neighbours pokenosing here and there. And we were always following each other everywhere especially during the Covid, so we gave the neighbors a lot to gossip about. The rest they say is history. We thank God for where we are now.

WiGRadio Team: Since you both met in the same church and it doubles as the church of your parents, what was the reception like from her family? Was it difficult? If yes, how did you win their heart?

Mr. David Utibe Michael: Her father didn’t want me but God softened his heart as we progressed.I didn’t even make any effort to convince him, it was God.

WiGRadio Team: Ma, what do you have to say to this?

Mrs Abigail Michael: Well for me, my mother and siblings where over excited about it but it was a big no for my Dad. Because he never wanted any of his children to get involved with an Akwa Ibom person not to talk of marriage. However, my husband just somehow stood different from every other Akwa Ibom guy. My dad loves the fact that he knows God, coming from we both attending the same church and they have seen him teach and lead members. And from his family, I got a blunt NO from his eldest sister who somehow later changed her mind.

WiGRadio Team: Did you at any point see the “NO” from daddy as an indication that God might be telling you not to go ahead with the relationship?

Mrs. Abigail Michael: NO, I wasn’t bothered coupled with David not relenting. On the other hand, I saw a strong reason and proof that God isn’t done yet, so we can if we still stay strong together.

WiGRadio Team: Mr. David?

Mr. David Utibe Michael: No, I wasn’t exactly expecting a smooth sail so I didn’t let it discourage me. Moreover, he didn’t at any point confront me or act hostile towards me so I knew he will accept. I thought of it as him being a hard guy. Moreso, the reason my fiancee gave me didn’t exactly resonate. The discussion was that her dad didn’t want an Akwa Ibom person, but he was an Akwa Ibom man married to an Akwa Ibom woman, so I didn’t understand the idealogy behind the thought. I guessed he must have had a reason, but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

WiGRadio Team: Did you both meet the specifications you wanted in a man/woman?

Mrs. Abigail Michael: If I say all, I will be trying to sweet quote everything. I never wanted a perfect man as a Husband but he met the key important part I was looking for in a man.

Mr. David Utibe Michael: No, she didn’t. Expecting her to be entirely perfect for me will be expecting her to be an angel and I once heard a teaching from Papa Adeboye where he said angels don’t get married. He called it the 4 equations of marriage.

One of the equations was also that angels don’t eat Jollof rice, so because she eats Jollof rice and she was hoping to get married, I knew she is not an angel. I just paid attention to those qualities I like in her and allow her get better everyday.

WiGRadio Team: What are some of your shared hobbies or interests that you enjoy doing together?

Mr. David Utibe Michael: We both like Netflix but we are socially unalike in a lot of ways, e.g. she’s sanguine and I am phlegmatic, so you expect a lot of disjoint. For instance, I enjoy quietness but she doesn’t, she just believes 2 people cannot be together in a room and not talk and we fight a lot over that. LOL.

Mrs. Abigail Michael: Shared interests – we both enjoy going to church, though not for the same reason sha. And we both detail oriented, we both single handedly planned our wedding and there was no detail missed on the D-day. We crossed boundaries, we made a lot of mistakes and struggled spiritually at some point but God showed us mercy.

WiGRadio Team: Was there any point in time during courtship when you had a serious misunderstanding? If yes, how were you able to manage it?

Mr. David Utibe Michael: We had series of misunderstandings, most times over small issues. But thanks to my wife, she ensured we never said good night to each other without any unresolved issues. It’s a key thing I learnt from her, still learning too.

WiGRadio Team: And lastly, what would you say to a man looking to get married very soon?

Mr. David Utibe Michael: Know what you want, if you want her, make all the sacrifices to be with her.

  1. A man is the balance between his immediate family and his wife, play that role well.
  2. Marry someone who loves God.
  3. Make sure you are physically attracted to her, very important.
  4. You might make mistakes on the way, but God’s ultimate plan for you is of good and not of evil, don’t let the guilt overshadow God’s plan for you.These are some of the things I learnt and I’m still learning.
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